Not working hot and cold water dispenser viva 8liech-sc-ssd cold water problem solved, how to fix

HOW TO FIX WATER DISPENSER ! MAKE SURE YOUR DISPENSER IS UNPLUGGED FROM THE POWER SOURCE ! 8LIECH-SC-SSD Use #2 phillips head screwdriver to remove cover. remove 2 screws to remove circuit board from white clips, push clip together with 2 fingers and slide each corners carefully of the pin make sure that circuit board […]

Arc Welding Tips For Beginning Welders : Fire Safety Tips for Beginner Arc Welding

Hi! This is John from In this video clip, we will be talking about fire hazards. When arc welding, you want to make sure you watch out for all fire hazards and keep all combustible materials as far away as possible from where you will be welding at. In addition, you want to make […]