FUSE Program at SPC

The FUSE program is saving me time and money. I also get to work and live at home, which is nice. I am very happy that I chose the FUSE program because I like knowing where I’m going next, which is the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

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Wrist and Hand Joints – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

So this is a tutorial on the joints of the wrist and the hand. We’ll just take a look at some of the features of this joint and look at the ligaments and kind of movements that occur at this joint. So we’ll start off with the wrist joint and we’ll work our way distally […]

Ankle Joint – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

This tutorial is on the ankle joint. The ankle joint is this joint here between the talus, the tibia and the fibula. It’s a synovial hinge joint and the main movements that you get at this joint are dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. So one way of remembering which way is plantar flexion and dorsiflexion is […]

An Ice Castle Brings Magic Before Melting Away

– [Marc] Castles are built to last, right? One hundred years, 500 years, a thousand years. So why build a castle that only exists for three months and has to be rebuilt every single year when it melts? Well, what if that was the point? What if you were building it not for the finished […]

Sternoclavicular Joint – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

This is a tutorial on the sternoclavicular joint. The sternoclavicular joint is this joint here between the proximal end of the clavicle and the manubrium of the sternum. You’ve also got the first costal cartilage that is involved in this joint. This joint is a synovial and saddle-shaped joint. I’m just going to isolate the […]

Le Chatelier’s Principle Part 1 | Reactions | Chemistry | FuseSchool

In this lesson, you will learn about Le Chatelier’s Principle, which explains what a system at equilibrium does in response to “stresses”. Let’s return to our original example of you digging a hole and your friend refilling it simultaneously. If you start digging at a rate faster than refilling, the hole gets larger. In order […]

FUSE Program: Prospective Students

Hey everyone I’m Alexis and today I want to tell you about an exciting opportunity incoming SPC students can take advantage of called Fuse. The Fuse program guarantees your admission to University of South Florida system institution with an associate’s degree from St. Petersburg College. Save time and money by starting at SPC and transferring […]

IT WORKED: Merge Cube AR for the Classroom!

Hello I’m Justin Gonzalez and welcome to IT WORKED where I look at educational apps, tech and projects that work in the classroom. Today we’re gonna look at how you can bring a AR into your classroom with Merge Cube! The merge cube is the first holographic object that you could hold in your hand. […]

Terry Iverson Speaks at the Heavy Metal Presentation

MATC’s Center for energy conservation and advanced manufacturing, invites high school students to visit for the heavy metal tour. The tour emphasizes the need for skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. The students start off by listening to a presentation. Being aware of that skills gap, manufacturing companies, such as Crohn’s, give their time to […]