An AT&T Aspire Contribution to Columbia College

♪ Music ♪ RANDY: The Aspire program is really amazing, it’s an investment in our kids. Our young people. Giving them an opportunity. I love the name Aspire, because it is giving to the people that would not otherwise have that opportunity to grow and become what they want to be, what they aspire to […]

Why Study Welding? JJC Student Whitney Wardlow Tells Her Story

When I first started here I started out in psychology and music. I didn’t even know we had a welding department. I didn’t know all the opportunities that were out there. I always liked to put things together and take things apart. I thought wielding would be a neat thing to try because it was […]

Turn YOUR Hands-on Skills into a Job by Starting at HACC.

>>HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, is the best choice if you want a job in trades and technology.>>HACC students get hands-on experience so they’re prepared for high-demand jobs in automotive technology, welding, HVAC or electrical work. The flexible schedule allow me to work and provide for my family. Plus, I’m saving thousands of dollars by […]

Welding Technology school – Guilford Technical Community College

[MUSIC PLAYING] Across America, our great cities were raised by girder walking welders, striking arcs high above the ground. And today, welders are even in greater demand. Welding is a really hot career right now. Jobs are plentiful and more high tech than ever. You should become a welder because the job outlook is incredible, […]

Modern Day Rosie: Women in Welding – SSC 360

The role of women in the workforce is drastically different than it was years ago. In the nineteen forties some ladies took on the traditional housewife role while others found themselves in the service industry working Pink collar jobs. World War II sparked the need for American women to join the front lines in the […]

Program Spotlight Welding Engineering Technology

I love it here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Of course work is very fun teachers make it fun. So many products and so many things that are in our everyday lives have to be saved. Welding Engineering Technology is the development and the design of welding procedures and processes to put together assemblies […]

Improving Their Competitive Edge: Students in Welding

hi I’m Nick Peterson and for over 20 years I’ve been a part of the welding industry. I’ve been a student, a welder, welding engineer, a sales associate, even an author. The welding industry offers a multitude of opportunities for a motivated person. There are a number of exceptional welding education programs throughout the country. […]

GNTC | Welding and Joining Technology at Georgia Northwestern Technical College

(Announcer) Welding is a major part of virtually all manufacturing, construction, repair, and processing industries. It is a necessary function in the creation of all vehicles, buildings, bridges, pipelines, planes, boats, rockets and much more. The Welding and Joining Program at Georgia Northwestern Technical College prepares students for the welding industry by providing practical experience […]

MPS Happenings: Welding Cert Camp 2015

(Music playing.) We’re here at the third annual welding certification bootcamp for Mesa Public Schools and we have 36 students who are in attendance and they are trying to certify in two different welding processes seem (Music playing.) So Mesa is actually offering an opportunity through the certification camp to give them a chance to […]

The DMC Upside – October 2018

(dramatic music) – [Emily] Next on The DMC Upside, Texas Workforce Commission was recognized for more than $1.1 million in training grants. We’ll tell you all about it. – [Carlos] Del Mar College observed Hispanic Heritage Month with a lecture on Lieutenant Colonel Olga Custódio, the first Hispanic female U.S. Air Force pilot. – [Emily] […]