MK: DIY Dragging the arc #QuickTip

What´s up, MK:DIY here! Today we gonna talk about welding. Sometimes for whatever reason, you can´t quite start the arc at the place you want to. Your workpiece might be dirty, or in awkward position. In this situation you can try dragging the arc from one place to antoher. You start the arc on place […]

BoH 67 – HEB 220 I-Beam Welding

Hey guys welcome to today’s episode we are at a steel yard where the guys are fabricating my HEB beam for the garage let me show you this is the beam that got delivered it’s an h-e-b 220 it has a 1 point 5 centimeter wall thickness pretty nice stuff its been cut to length […]

Soldadura con electrodo (CONSEJOS para la longitud del arco)⚡??

Hello, I am Alejandro and be welcome once more time. To the channel learn every day, this time I bring you a video that deals with one of the most important parameters that we must control to leave a correct weld seam. This parameter is the arc length. The arl length The arc length is […]

How to prepare your SMAW testing coupons before final Inspection Pt.1

Video Shot at Fullerton College by Tevor Nichols and Brenden Wethington and Hector was there too…..

[SMAW] 용접시 쉽고 빠른 용접방법

What is the purpose of this? This image is a method that can be welded without stopping welding to remove slag during pipe welding. Of course, this is the way many people know, and I think there is a more convenient way. What you need is the file you saw before the video. The pipes […]

6인치 카본 파이프 미그(MIG)용접/mig welding/CO2용접/솔리드용접/스틱(SMAW) 용접시 주의사항과 용접방법.

Hello This video is MIG root pass & 7018 stick welding image Please take a good look and if this video is helpful, I would appreciate your subscription and good press. The welder I use in the video is a Miller product. There are various modes of welding mode, but we will weld in the […]

Stickmate 160i Delivers Portable, Reliable Welding Power

– Spark your imagination with the Stickmate 160i Stick Welder. Easy to carry and move at only 15 pounds. MVP adapters allow the Stickmate 160i to run on 120 volt or 240 volt input power without the use of tools. Precise and accurate amperage control and heat output used to weld up to 3/8 inch […]

Powerful Stick Welding With the Stickmate 210i

Spark your imagination with the STICKMATE 210i stick welder. Only 15.5 pounds so you can work smarter, not harder by bringing the welder to the work. Single knob control for precises and accurate amperage control and heal output. With Hobart Hot Start technology the STICKMATE 210i provides easy, quick, and reliable arc starts. Welds up […]

Burglar Bars – Swing Open (Updated Video Available)

Today’s video is… well, it’s kind of a long story I’ve been trying to get burglar bars for these windows for a very long time I’ve had over 10 people come out and look at them (I really want them for that window) This window is optional I guess what I want is rather unusual. […]