Turning Relaxation Music Into METAL!

Hey, hey, hey! I’m Stevie T. Thanks for joining me today And today’s video is brought to you by Audio Blocks. In fact Audio Blocks is going to have a huge role in today’s video. Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of relaxation music or soothing music. Yeah…well today, we’re going to be messing around […]

HAPPY Songs With DEATH METAL Lyrics!

Tallando tus globos oculares, míralos sentarse y mirar fijamente Cortar, rebanar, tajar, tallar, desrasgar y arrancar Rasgar el tejido del cuerpo, desgarrar tu carne Rasgos faciales Afectados por gota* [*inflamación de las articulaciones] Coagulación sangrante y supurante. Irritación cubierta de mucosa hirviendo. Aniquilación Profanación Inhalación de metanfetamina Sangre, sangre, sangre Y sin vida Sangre, sangre, […]

How To Be Black Metal!

hello I am Stevie T and today we are gonna be talking about the most evil genre of music that ever existed black metal that’s right today I’m gonna teach you how to be black metal now I know what we’re all thinking how can I teach someone how to be black metal I mean […]