Repairing Blow-Molded Jeep Bumpers

In 2007, Jeep won an award from Plastics Technology Magazine for its groundbreaking use of blow-molding on Jeep Wrangler Bumpers. Though innovative, blow-molded bumpers are thought by some to be impossible to repair, due to the fact that dents cannot be reached from the back. Thanks to Polyvance’s master technician, John Wilburn, we’ve discovered a […]

How to Repair “Spiderweb Cracks” on Polyurethane Bumpers

Although Urethane bumpers are quite rare on late-model vehicles, the need may arise for one to be repaired from time to time. This bumper belonged to a 1992 Chevrolet Camaro, and, as you can see, it has developed what we call “spiderweb cracks”. These cracks are the result of dirt and grime settling inside cracked […]

Steelcraft 5-inch Premium Oval Stainless Steel Side Steps

Hey guys Greg from here today to review Steelcraft Automotives 5-inch premium oval step bars. Steelcraft Automotive is without a doubt one of the leaders in the aftermarket when it comes to SUV and truck accessories. Today, we have Steelcrafts 5in premium oval step bars. I am sure you are thinking the same thing […]

Energy Experiment: Electricity Flow through the body

Hello! Today I will be conducting energy experiments to do with the electricity of the human body. Electricity in our bodies literally holds us together. Hopefully I will show you the power of the electricity flowing through our bodies. For this experiment you will need: – One short length of galvanized steel metal; – One […]

Steelcraft Standard 6-inch Oval Stainless Steel Side Steps

Hey guys- Greg from here today to review Steelcraft Automotives 6-inch oval step bars. Now Steelcraft Automotive is without a doubt one of the leaders in the aftermarket when it comes to SUV and truck accessories. Today we have Steelcraft 6-inch oval step bars. Now these bars incorporate their original straight style design, which […]

How to Avoid Static Electricity

How to Avoid Static Electricity. Reduce your chances of getting a nasty shock that’s not just annoying, but potentially dangerous. You will need Cotton clothing Leather-soled shoes A humidifier Dryer sheets and a key. Step 1. Wear clothes made from cotton and other natural fibers, which are low-static materials. Step 2. Wear leather-soled shoes or […]

✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Iron Golem

Iron golems can be constructed in more than two orientations! Iron golems have exactly 100 HP. This makes it the 3rd toughest mob, as the ender dragon has 200 HP and the Wither has 300 HP. Iron golems don’t take fall damage! It doesn’t even care.. You would think the last two facts made it […]

How to Replace a Faucet

How to Replace a Faucet. Whether it’s broken or just plain ugly, your old faucet can be replaced with a shiny new one in a flash. You will need Tape measure A new faucet Safety glasses A bucket A crescent or basin wrench Non-abrasive cleaner Two new supply lines Penetrating oil Plumber’s putty and pipe […]

PART 1 73-87 C10 RUST REPAIR | Welding Chevy Patch Panels

I wanted to make this video Of doing rust repair on a squarebody C10 pickup trucks This is my 77 Chevy 1/2 ton C10 And I’m doing rust repair here in the cab Doing the floor pans Also doing the kick panels Inner and outer rockers as well This first video I just want to […]

How To Remove Rust on Metal Car Part Safely & Quickly

Hi I’m Rick, I am at the Chrysler show here at Carlisle, and uh….Metal Rescue is going to see if it can rescue my water pump housing, in about 6 to 9 hours and we’ll see what they can do with it. (Why don’t you hold this way, we’ll get how bad this is. How […]