How to Roll a Cross Joint

How to Roll a Cross Joint with @SheSmokesJoints Step 1: Get supplies 2 grams of cannabis, 1 grinder, 2 king sized rolling papers, 1 safety pin or toothpick, several glue strips (from extra joint papers) cut glue strips form the extra papers break up your weed and put in grinder make sure there aren’t any […]

How to Roll a Joint

how to roll a joint with @SheSmokesJoints Supplies: Joint Paper, Weed, Grinder, Filter (optional) Step 1: Break up your weed and put it in the grinder Make sure there aren’t any stems Grind it up! Be thorough! Step 2: Roll up your filter (if you’re using one) Place the filter at one end of the […]

Amazing Techniques& Skills Woodworking Project Luxury Furniture || How To Make Joint For Chair Frame

Amazing Techniques And Skills Build Magic Wood Joints Smart Creative Joints You’ve Never Seen For Woodworking Luxury Furniture How To Make Tables and Chairs or Wooden Sofa For Your Living Room, Step by step… This is part 1: ”How To Make Joint For Single Wooden Chair Frame” of series video Woodworking Luxury Furniture Project 2020. […]

How To Change A Fuse In A Traditional Fuse Box

How to change a fuse in a traditional fusebox. Hello and welcome to Videojug. This is a traditional fuse box. each fuse it contains is for a different electrical circuit in the building. If there is power surge, faulty wiring, or a fault with an electrical appliance, the fuse for that electrical circuit will trip, […]

How to Repair Mortar Joints Between Bricks with QUIKRETE Mortar Joint Sealant

Sealing and waterproofing damaged mortar joints. The most common repairs to brick and block walls, chimneys and brick veneer are cracks in the mortar joints caused by wall movement or foundation settling. Mortar joints can also deteriorate from exposure to the elements, over time. Once a crack develops, it is important to seal the crack […]

AutomationEdge for Dummies: Merge Join (With Subtitle)

Open Process Studio Create New Workflow Save the workflow Serach Excel Input step Drag and Drop excel input Click excel input step Select proper excel sheet type Browse excel file form specific location Give proper name to step Add file Click Sheets tab and get Sheetname Select sheet name and add Go to Fields Tab […]

Repairing Blow-Molded Jeep Bumpers

In 2007, Jeep won an award from Plastics Technology Magazine for its groundbreaking use of blow-molding on Jeep Wrangler Bumpers. Though innovative, blow-molded bumpers are thought by some to be impossible to repair, due to the fact that dents cannot be reached from the back. Thanks to Polyvance’s master technician, John Wilburn, we’ve discovered a […]

How to Repair “Spiderweb Cracks” on Polyurethane Bumpers

Although Urethane bumpers are quite rare on late-model vehicles, the need may arise for one to be repaired from time to time. This bumper belonged to a 1992 Chevrolet Camaro, and, as you can see, it has developed what we call “spiderweb cracks”. These cracks are the result of dirt and grime settling inside cracked […]