Chemistry: What is a metal? (Metallic Bonds)

Metals are shiny, malleable, ductile, and good conductors of heat and electricity. The structure of metals and the nature of metallic bonds explains some of these typical features. Metals are made up of positive ions closely packed together in crystalline solids. The positive ions are surrounded by a mobile “sea of electrons.” These valence electrons […]

SciGirls 209: Pedal Power

(SciGirls) We love biking, and we love ice cream. Eco-friendly ice-cream maker powered by your feet! We decided that if we custom-built one, it’ll be more efficient and better-suited to our experiment. That is not ice cream. Oh my gosh! It’s the future of ice-cream technology! (Izzie) Major funding for “SciGirls” is provided by the […]

Construction Careers Pay Above Average

Rob McClendon: Hello, everyone. Thanks for joining us here on “Horizon.” Well, for anyone who feels ill-suited to sit in an office all day, or even more likely a cubicle, today our focus is on an alternative – two of them to be exact: construction and manufacturing. Two industries that have much in common – […]

How to Use an Autoclave

Would you want a surgeon to use a scalpel that has bacteria growing on it? Of course not! Surgical instruments must be sterilized that means no living organisms are present. There are lots of products that need to be sterilized. Pharmaceuticals… equipment… solutions, medical waste, even tattoo needles. If bacteria, fungi, or viruses are present […]

The Sick Unicorn [Maker Update]

This week on Maker Update, a soap-vomiting unicorn, two new boards from Arduino, a mini marble elevator, a neopixel thumb war, pool noodle box bots, Lego pinball, an Android tape deck, a business card stylophone, Hobart’s entry level MIG welder, and the Adafruit Crickit. Hey I’m Donald Bell, and welcome to another Maker Update! Man, […]

Denise Bailey – Welder / Instructor

[percussive music] ♪ – As a woman in this industry, I definitely experience some discrimination. I’m surrounded by men. There’s very few of us in the industry, and so it’s usually thinking “Women can’t weld,” and that lasts all of two minutes, until they see me weld, and that’s done. It’s one more thing to […]