Gold Plating Kit – brush plating stainless steel

Hello and welcome to Spa Plating training videos. My name’s Denise Palmer and I’m going to show you how easy gold plating a mobile phone cover can be with Spa Plating’s solutions and equipment. Because our products are rigorously tested for efficiency and competitiveness, you can rest assured that your gold plating job will be […]

Stainless Steel Business Card Review | My Metal Business Card

Hey everybody, this is Charles from Today, we have a really cool stainless steel card here that features 2 spot colors, our surface etching, and die-cut areas. On the back here, we have the content etched down 10% and filled in with a black and red spot color. For more cards, visit our website […]

Custom Stainless Steel Business Card with Unique Design | My Metal Business Card

Hey everybody, this is Charles from Today, we have a stainless steel metal business card for you. What we did here was we created a custom fence cut-out design. The logo was screen printed red and white for the extra pop and the content was etched down 10% and filled in with red spot […]

Goodbye Boring Paper Cards – Hello Stainless Steel Cards! | My Metal Business Card

Hey everybody, this is Charles from Today, we have for you a stainless steel metal business card we created for Brickell Ten. We went with a really simplistic route on this card and etched the logo down 10% and did a cut-through mesh pattern on the right side. On the back of the card, […]

How to weld steel tubes using semi auto welding technique with a piece of wood

Don’t stop the video I will do also the other side Here is the other side as you can see the sides are cleaned very well to make a good contact the wood looks like this after one attempt The weld starts at about 130 Amps Then it has to be reduced at about 80 […]

Go Kart Materials: How to Build a Go Kart: Frame Materials

Hey everybody, it’s KartFab here, and today we are going to go over all the materials you need to build own go kart from scratch. We’re going to go over the tools you need, the go kart parts kit you need, the frame materials, as well as all of the hardware to bolt it all […]

Start Welding Today with Your Lincoln Electric Welder

the following presentation features the usable Lincoln Electric combination wire feed welder for best results always use Lincoln wire and replacement parts this is your best assurance for premium feedability and trouble-free operation. Lincoln Electric, world leader in the manufacture of arc welding products welcomes you to a new era in workshop welding. Your new […]

Eastwood MIG Welder 250 Amp – Welding Sheet Metal to 1/2″ Steel Plate!

hi my name is Andy burns product manager welding and metal fab the eastwood company until now our most powerful mid unit was to make 175 but today i want to show you our most powerful unit today to make 250 what you want anywhere from 18 gauge steel two half-inch plate before i start […]