How to Get the Stars and Stripes Bandana in Fallout 4

What’s up guys? Happy 4th of July weekend. In commemoration of the holiday, I thought I’d put out a quick tutorial video on how to get your hands on the very rare Stars and Stripes bandana in Fallout 4. Just something a little fun you can snag on your travels through the Commonwealth. And it […]


Welcome to the METAL GEAR SURVIVE Tokyo Game Show 2016 gameplay demonstration. The following is the latest gameplay footage of METAL GEAR SURVIVE. Like MGSV: THE PHANTOM PAIN, in METAL GEAR SURVIVE, you progress through the story by completing missions. Today we will show you one type of mission in the game: a co-op mission. […]

METAL GEAR SURVIVE – Launch Trailer | PS4

[ROAR] [ROAR] GOODLUCK: Welcome to Dite, the world beyond the wormholes. It exists in a dimension separate from your own. Abandon all hope from here on, not to mention fear and doubt. Wanderers are extremely ferocious. They attack anyone they see indiscriminately. If we don’t do something about them, there will be enough of them […]

Killing Stage 2 Exhaust Drone with a Vibrant Resonator

Hello and thanks for visiting my channel. Today I’m going to share with you the difference between an APR down pipe with an otherwise factory Volkswagen exhaust versus the APR down pipe with a vibrant resonator along with the rest of the factory exhaust. This is on a Stage 2 GTI. So when I got […]