Lolita catches George and Lena running away | Starla (With Eng Subs)

Your sister got mad at you? She found out about our relationship. She got furious and gave me a mouthful. Lena, try to understand where she’s coming from. She’s your sister. She’s just concerned about you. No, George! She’s a control freak. I can’t take it anymore. So, what do you want to do? – […]

Buboy and Starla grant Teresa’s wish for Barrio Maulap | Starla (With Eng Subs)

– Teresa. – What? What did the rat say to the other rat? What? “Mice to meet you.” [LAUGHS] Isn’t it funny? It’s nice to know Teresa has a sense of humor. Your jokes are so silly. That’s why I like hanging out with you. You make me forget about my problems. I wanted to […]