Most Powerful Weld Cleaner InoxFURY I Full Demonstration

Meet the Cougartron InoxFURY. The strongest electrolytic weld cleaner on the market. The only machine capable of cleaning all types of stainless steel welds. In this video we will provide a full demonstration of effective weld cleaning and marking with InoxFURY. Let’s start with the machine setup. First, attach the clamp to the workpiece. Then, […]

Tig Welding Walking The Cup on Carbon Steel 1G Butt Welding (hot pass, capping)티그용접 맞대기 #tigwelding

Hello. Today, I made a final-weaving video, with a groove in the butt weld I’d appreciate it if you press “subscribe” “like” before you see it. I’m the one who worked on the back-bead in the previous video. If you are curious about the back-bead video, please refer to the previous video. Today we’re putting […]

FastMig X – Get ready for the best welds of your life

reaching professional excellence takes years and years of practice it takes thousands of hours of work thousands of scenes welded to be the best in what you do you also need to have the technological edge with fast MIG X can’t be present you a new even more intelligent black line of highest class pulse […]