Stainless Steel vs White Gold Watches – Does it Really Matter?

This is Watch Your Style. Today we’re gonna be discussing stainless steel versus white gold. So you know, it’s an ongoing debate usually between stainless steel or white gold because it’s obvious. They look very similar. But the value on certain models changes dramatically. So, I would say that out of the brands that we […]

▶ Patek Philippe Nautilus Stainless Steel, White Dial UNBOXING & REVIEW – 5980/1A-019

Welcome to Jaztime. Today, we’re gonna be reviewing a Patek Philippe 5980A-0019, it’s a discontinued White Dial, it’s a Nautilus Chronograph. Today’s gonna be the unboxing, and you guys are gonna be the first ones to see it. So, here we go. Pull this guy out. It comes with this leather, very nice cloth, and […]