Stainless Steel Fabricator – Try it for 5

G’day. My name is Steve Buchanan. I’m a stainless steel fabricator here at Evolution Yachts. This is a catamaran, so two hulls or if it’s monohull, they will build a hull. It’s like a floating hotel so you’ve got all the different trades – plumbers, pipe welders. You’ve got chippies going in there putting timber […]

Learn Stainless Steel Joints & Welding with Stick welder (Possible)

[Music] hey guys welcome back to the channel so in this video I’m going to show you how to weld stainless steel with stick welding and these are all the items which you need to do the stick welding so onto my channel I post a lot of videos regarding the stainless steel and you […]

Weld Steel and Aluminum With Miller Invision MIG Welder

Hi I’m John. The Invision™ is Miller’s industrial solution for entry-level Pulsed MIG for general manufacturing. Pulsed MIG is typically used to help reduce spatter. It can weld multiple materials from steel, to stainless steel, to aluminum with its push-pull capability. It’s easy to set up, it’s cost-effective, and versatile. And it’s optimized when paired […]

TIG Welding Stainless Exhaust | Twin Turbo Mustang

welcome back to another episode of the fab forums today I work on the stainless exhaust for the twin-turbo ride now this exhaust is a combination of stainless and then it changes to luminal about about the start of the transmission so picture kind of like a long tube header where a long tube header […]

🔥 TIG Welding Stainless Steel for Beginners | TIG Time

Welcome back to TIG Time I’m mister TIG Todayís episode is going to be one of the three episodes on welding stainless steel Now first of all What is stainless steelÖ what makes it different from steel? Well by definition it’s chromium content. So if you have mild steel and you toss in about twelve […]

The Difference Between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals | Metal Supermarkets

Hi and welcome to Metal Supermarkets, the Convenience Stores for Metal. I’m Jason Jackson, Operations and Development Manager. One common question we hear at Metal Supermarkets is: What is the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals? Well, today we’ll take a look at the answer. The simple answer is that is that ferrous metals contain […]