How to do Pipefitters Dimensional Math and Conversions without Formulas | Pipe Trades Pro

Now I want to show you how you can use the Pipe Trades Pro to do all kinds of dimensional math and unit conversions and I’ll give you a couple of pipe trades related conversions. We can just show you how quickly you can do the math. Let’s say we have a flow rate of […]

How to do Fast & Easy Pipe Data Table Look-ups | Pipe Trades Pro

Now I want to show you the built in pipe data tables of the Pipe Trades Pro. There’s 7 material types built into the calculator. Simply press the [Pipe Mat’l] key. You’ll see the first of the 7 – steel. Continued presses will show you the rest of the materials – stainless steel, brass, aluminum, […]

How to Calculate Pipe Drop, Slope and Percent Grade | Pipe Trades Pro

Now I’d like to show you how you can use the Pipe Trades Pro to make easy work of calculating drops, slopes, angles and percent grades for drainage. Let’s say you have a 25 foot pipe run that requires 1/8 inch drop per foot. What’s the total drop required? Clear the calculator and enter the […]

How to Calculate Simple and Rolling Offsets | Pipe Trades Pro

One of the most useful functions of the Pipe Trades Pro that I want to show you next is the ability to easily calculate simple offsets and much more complex and different kinds of rolling offsets. Let’s say you want to find the center to center travel for a pipe offset with a 24 inch […]

ТОЧЕЧНАЯ СВАРКА ☠️ Такую сварку, ВЫ ещё не видели ? СВАРОЧНЫЕ КЛЕЩИ ? Spot Welder.

【電子工作DIY】バッテリー式スポット溶接機を作ってみた| How to make a home use spot welder with a car battery.

Today I would like to make a spot welder that can be easily made. The number of parts is considerably reduced because it says that it can be done easily. This is a circuit diagram. What I use is basically a 12-volt battery and a pedal switch With the foot switch you can switch on […]


Привет с Камчатки! с Вами Вашкелис Альгирдас. И в этом видео я решил показать, как можно довольно легко и просто сделать аппарат точечной сварки, из трансформатора обычной микроволновки. А главное, показать на что он еще способен и для каких работ его можно применить, кроме сварки разных пластин листового металла. Он способен на большее! Честно говоря, […]

Homemade Spot Welder {English Subs – Greek Audio}

[Turning the welder on…] In this video we will show you our implementation of a spot welder. We won’t show you how to make one, there are hundreds of videos… …out there doing just that. Let’s begin with a simple button battery welding. We’ll be using a single pulse of 95ms width. [Swtiching to single […]

Pil Punta cihazı yapımı #punta #spot #welder

hello dear friends Welcome to spot welder construction video friends watching the previous video will remember I made a spot welder with a car battery but not efficient The biggest problem was the amperage and was unable to check the time because the battery is new, old, or different batteries give different amps either punctures […]