Pil Punta cihazı yapımı #punta #spot #welder

hello dear friends Welcome to spot welder construction video friends watching the previous video will remember I made a spot welder with a car battery but not efficient The biggest problem was the amperage and was unable to check the time because the battery is new, old, or different batteries give different amps either punctures […]

Diy Spot Welder Timer for 18650 batteries | Off Topic Ep 8

so today we’re going to make a DIY circuit to control a spot welder stick around if you saw in my last video I put together a DIY spot welder using lithium polymer cells also a DIY circuit board that I designed and today we’re gonna take that same board that you saw in the […]

How To Make Mini Spot Welder Using old Microwave Transformer

The first subscribers of my channel remember that I was gathering the ladder of Jacob. As a source of high voltage a transformer was used from the microwave oven. But we are not interested in high voltage, but a large current. Accordingly, it is necessary to replace the secondary winding. Let’s check the resistance of […]