NFL Hopefuls Including Ryan Mathews Practice Using Cones for NFL Combine

Travelle Gaines: The SKLZ agility cones work with us a lot because they’re color-coordinated, so we can have players run through a set of the yellow cones, or run through a set of the black cones, or run through a set of the orange cones. On top of that they’re very, very easy to store. […]

How to Combine Wired Ethernet with Wi-Fi at Once on a Raspberry Pi

Hi, I’m Alex from Connectify, and today I’ll show you how you can combine internet from an ethernet connection and a Wi-Fi network on a Raspberry Pi. If all the available internet you have to work with is a weak Wi-Fi connection and a wired ethernet connection, you can actually combine the bandwidth from those […]

InDesign Data Merge Photos/Images into Grid (no plugin)

let’s look at how to use Adobe InDesign and data merge with images or photos to create a yearbook page or some other type of ad that has a grid of photos and some type of text such as names and titles this is a the document setup I just have a letter size with […]

Combining 15 Internet Connections on an iPad with Speedify!

Scott from Connectify here – last week we covered how you can use Speedify, our channel bonding VPN to combine an ethernet connection with the Wi-Fi and cellular connections on your iPhone for better speed and reliability. which got us thinking… just how many connections could we get up and running on an iOS device… […]

Combine multiple USB Flash drives into a single partition – How to Merge two USB drives

Dear Friends let’s suppose you have 2 USB Flash drives one is 8Gb and the other one is 16GB And you wanna copy a 20GB movie or game file from your friend So in That Situation How can we copy a file more than a USB Capacity ? So in today’s video we will show […]

Simple architect practice- COMBINE THE SHAPES

Hello. I am very glad that you find me This short video will reveal to you that there is infinite amount of combinations of shapes One simple practice will obligate you to start to think not just copy of a particular for building. When we get an object, which looks unusual we just combine our […]

Alkaline Earth & Alkali Metals in Water

So starting out here we have magnesium and uh… you see it’s a metal, it’s got a little bit of an oxide coating on here and so it’s got a little bit of black sitting on the surface but this magnesium metal and you’ll notice that when we put magnesium into water we’re going to […]

Alternatives to Welding Steel: Victaulic Vic-Press® for Schedule 10S Stainless Steel

In 1925, Victaulic revolutionized the way pipe was joined when we introduced the world to the mechanical coupling. Today with our latest innovation, Vic Press for Schedule 10s stainless steel, we’re taking another of our time-tested technologies and making it even better. More than twenty years ago, Victaulic introduced Press Fit for Schedule 5s stainless […]


This video is sponsored by: LootCrate The monthly subscription service for epic geek and gamer items and pop-culture gear. *smack* Hi, I’m Stevie T, and today we’re going to learn how to be: POWER METAL! *POWER INTENSIFIES* Like, I’ve done videos for a lot of different genres of “submetal”. *realises it’s not a word* What!? […]

Welding Basics: Techniques for Tig, Mig & Arc Welds : Setting Wire Speed & Voltage for Welding

Hello! My name is Mac and on behalf of I am here to discuss MIG welding. Now the use of the MIG welding equipment is really very simple. It is an easy process to operate. One of the most difficult aspects of it is, however, setting the right wire speed and voltage. Think of […]