The Mysterious Event That Made Venus A Death Trap

Sometimes we call the planet Venus “Earth’s Twin”, but that’s only because the two planets are roughly equal in size. After that, not much else is similar and because of the extreme temperatures on the so-called planet of love, humans would not stand any chance of survival. In the words of one writer, Venus is […]

A Black Hole Merger Every Week? LIGO And Virgo Are Back!

Notice that you haven’t been hearing much about black holes crashing into each other recently? That’s because the world’s most sensitive gravitational wave hunters have been offline for the last year. Well, they’re back now, with enough upgrades that they should be capable of finding a black hole merger every week, not to mention more […]

How to Delete Hard Disk Partition | Merge Partition | Increase Partition Size kaise kare in hindi

guys if you use computer and laptop then you must know about computer hard disk partition what is hard disk partition and what are the uses but i think you dont know how to delete Extra partition and how you can add this extra delete partition to another hard disk partition so guys in this […]

Goldilocks Paradox Unplugged: Merging Science into Art (2/4)

Welcome to part two of the Habitable Zone Unplugged, a four part conversation about exoplanet science with Dr. Robert Hurt and Dr. Johanna Teske. I’m Calla Cofield. So these planets in this solar system were, you know, invented for this episode and to illustrate these science points. But could planets like this exist? You know, […]

Neutron Star Merger Gravitational Waves and Gamma Rays

Due to the crazy technological challenges that had to be overcome in order to detect gravitational waves, some people were skeptical that scientists had actually done it, that they’d actually seen gravitational waves from black holes – after all, there was no corroboration. But, after the discovery that’s being announced today, there can be no […]

Well-Preserved Impact Ejecta and Impact Melt-Rich Deposits in Terra Sabaea

This image of a well-preserved unnamed elliptical crater in Terra Sabaea is illustrative of the complexity of ejecta deposits forming as a by-product of the impact process that shapes much of the surface of Mars. Here we see a portion of the western ejecta deposits emanating from a 10-kilometer impact crater that occurs within the […]

Portal – Metal Gear Turret

-music starts- -turrets start singing- -music intenses- -turrets stop singing- -turrets start singing again->-

Space Camp on The Price is Right

Diana, here’s your show case- good luck. Diana, this year is the fourtieth anniversary of man landing on the moon. and to help us celebrate here’s one of those men. Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Buzz Aldrin! [applause] Diana, it’s hard to imagine the feeling of walking on the moon But we’re going to try […]