An Ice Castle Brings Magic Before Melting Away

– [Marc] Castles are built to last, right? One hundred years, 500 years, a thousand years. So why build a castle that only exists for three months and has to be rebuilt every single year when it melts? Well, what if that was the point? What if you were building it not for the finished […]

Chopsticks: Chinese VS. Japanese VS. Korean

Hey guys! What’s up? It’s Mike Chen! Today let’s talk about something that most Asians use every single day: chopsticks. Now, chopsticks are super useful. You can use it to eat, obviously, or you can also use it to keep your hair up, you can cook with it, and they’re super convenient because you can […]

MXC Token Accesses Korean National Electricity Grid

We’ve got the most exciting news for you today. MXC is working with Withsystem on the Korean national electricity grid. This is a big news for citizens and businesses in South Korea and also for MXC supporters worldwide. Through this, we are continuing our strategy into the South Korea market. Yeah, as you all know […]