Lyrics Song – Rock This Joint 🎤 Song by Yanivi

Hit it! That’s what I’m talkin’ about Wait… Okay now! From the beginning Hit it boys, All you men with suits and ties, Just sittin’ in the crowd smokin’ big cigars, I hope you’re ready for what’s comin’ now, I’m the one, I’m the lady that’ll bring ya down. Duh duh doo doo, Dededoo, Duh […]

Lankford – MELT (Music Video)

picture perfect life shattered like ice cannot find the pieces as they melt before my eyes can’t keep this all together will you love me till I’m better? the fires burning through as I melt with you the cold ground should have kept it all together as we chiseled our hard bodies in the coldness […]

Melt ( Mikoto Meika cover ) MMD

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought of was you I made up my mind, and cut my bangs short, just so you’d ask me “Why?” Pink skirt, flower pin in my hair I’m going out I’m looking cute today! Melt! I feel like I’m gonna melt away I can’t tell […]

Sujith Rip Cover Song by gana Vinoth | Fuse Entertainment

welcome I am Gana Vinoth This song is dedicated to our boy sujith, who left his life in an sad tragedy This song explains that we r lacking in the necessary equipments which would have saved his life I also wanna thank the pepole who worked in this project spending their time for the social […]

Korea’s job growth remains sluggish in October

The latest figures show job growth in Korea remained weak last month. That’s due in part to Korea’s corporate restructuring drive in the manufacturing sector,… especially in regions where the country’s major shipbuilders are located. Kim Min-ji breaks down the numbers for us. Korea’s job market remained sluggish in October. Statistics Korea says the country […]

Tierra Whack Tries ASMR and Chats About Whack World | Mind Massage | Fuse

(whispering): Hey guys, it’s Tierra Whack and you’re watching Mind Massage. [sizzling] [whirring] [tea kettle whistling] Sshhh! [clacking] I just released my first project,Whack World. The first song is called “Black Nails”. [fingernails tapping on glass] [fingernails tapping on glass] I have a song called “Bugs Life”. I don’t like being told what to do. […]

[ENG SUBS] Top Combine 至上励合 – Lucky Boys MV

Ayol, two oh double one It’s TC right here We got some new swagger for you this year Just put your hands up and follow my step Let’s dance Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky I look forward to Meeting you, the girl in my heart and dreams Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky I […]

Very Thin Ice: 10 years of Auto-Tune the News & Songify This

very thin ice (echoing from the depths of ancient youtube chambers) at the North Pole, new satellite photos show arctic ice is melting so fast oh snap, how fast? many scientists now predict it will be gone within 30 years surely you jest I’m under cardiac arrest, shawtayee some researchers think it could disappear in […]

Tyeon – New Flame (Official Music Video)

No Matter What They Say Your my New Flame Your My New Flame I don’t care what they say your my New Flame Your my New Flame Your My New Flame Time flies by when your having fun I want you to be my only one Cuz They Can’t Stand The Fact That I have […]