One Thing: Tom Cosm – Cutting and combining

Hi, I’m Tom. And one thing I like to do, is combine several variations of a loop to get something more exciting. I start with a MIDI clip, like this bassline. I re-sample it to a new audio track. Duplicate it. And remove the audio from the duplication. Now I choose another sound, re-sample it. […]

Welding Student Success Marquis Tatem

>>My name is Marquis Tatem, I’m a welding student at ECC. I’ve always thought this school was an awesome opportunity for anybody who took advantage of it. I’m working to get my certifications in several different methods that I’ve learned in welding. I grew up in the foster care system here in San Diego. From […]

Skeleton Tig Welding Torch Holder

whats going on?…its like 9:30 at night everybody is in bed, and im just chillin in the shop I flet like making something so… I have had this little tig torch holder at my welding table it works but I wanted to make something cool