Molybdenum – A Metal That Forms Weird Solutions!

Hello everyone. Today I would like to dedicate this video to such a refractory metal as molybdenum. In the period table of chemical elements molybdenum belongs to the 6th group and is located above tungsten. Because of having a smaller atomic radius molybdenum is a bit more reactive than tungsten and has a lower electrochemical […]

Telstra Case Study: Oldfields Holdings Limited -Unified Communications (TIPT)

VOICE OVER: Right now, as many as two building companies a day are closing down. It’s a tough business environment, with companies supporting the building industry also under pressure. One such company, Oldfields Holdings Limited, has responded by finding new ways to work smarter and faster for its customers. CHRIS GILES: One of my focuses […]

Equipment Rentals, Construction Tools & Supplies

Are you planning a renovation, landscaping or construction project? Battlefield Equipment Rentals can supply just about anything you need to get the job done. From rental equipment, construction supplies and tools to safety equipment, no one understands your project requirements better than we do. Call Battlefield Equipment Rentals at 1-800-RENT-CAT to get what you need, […]

“It Pays To Be Flexible (by Using Tubing Instead of Pipe)” by Pittsburgh Valve & Fitting Company

VOICE OVER NARRATION: When you’re looking for ways to optimize performance and reduce operating costs, it pays to be flexible. From installation to maintenance, tubing is simpler, safer and faster than threaded or welded pipe! Threaded pipe installation requires stands, dies, cutting oils, sealants, and tapes. Then there’s assembly, testing, disassembly, rework, and reassembly. For […]

Hardware Singapore

Meet Mike, an engineer, he need to source many products, handle many suppliers. He always go home late. He hates his job. He found 8bright at , sells products from Hardware, Electrical panels, network cables, office supplies and pantry supplies. 8bright also source products for him and offer customize solution for electrical panel, cable […]

Analytical Solutions to Weld Thermal Field

Welcome to the lesson on Analytical Solutions to Thermal Field. This is a part of the MOOC on Analysis and Modeling of Welding offered by NPTEL – IIT, Madras. So, in this lesson, we will see what is the various analytical solutions that are available for thermal field during the fusion welding process. So, there […]

Dlaczego metodą Tig nie spawamy aluminium prądem o częstotliwości stałej . Test i demonstracja .

Hey In today’s episode I will try to answer one of the questions, which appeared on my channel, and more specifically. If you have a device at your disposal, which is equipped only with DC constant frequency welding options , we can weld aluminum using the tig method? Those who weld using the tig method […]

PetSolutions: Julian’s Thing Multi-Use Tool

Julian’s thing is a multi-use tool for feeding corals, zooanthids, anemonies, shy fish, or spot welding corals or siphoning out small debris from the bottom of the tank. It works like a syringe holding food or medications in the line until expressed or it can be used to suction out small little bits of debris […]

Numerical Solutions to Thermal Field and Fluid Flow in Welding – Part 1

Welcome to the first part of the lesson on Numerical solutions to thermal field and fluid flow in welding. This lesson is part of the NPTEL MOOC on Analysis and Modelling of welding. My name is Gandham Phanikumar, I am from the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras. The scope of this lesson […]