[Vinesauce] Vinny – Metal Gear Solid Corruptions

[Audio is misordered] God, Colonel, are you having a stroke? [Solid Snake voice] Got it. Ready? Go. Oh my fucking God, I’m the fighting polygon team. Colonel, there doesn’t seem to be any enemies. I’m completely alone in this psychedelic nightmare. [Regular voice] I am immortal. [Solid Snake] Ow, my leg is twitching. Aw, Colonel, […]

Metal Gear Solid – The Movie [HD] Full Story

Metal Gear Solid 4 – The Movie [HD] Full Story

In the not too distant future. On a tired battlefield. War has become routine. War… …has changed. It’s no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It’s an endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines. War, and its consumption of life, has become a well-oiled machine. War has changed. ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged […]

Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid – part 1

I was part of an elite unit. Codename: Infinity War. We worked for ActivistSun, the world’s largest private military company. It was supposed to be a standard mission. Get in. Get out. Get paid. But ActivistSun has other plans. (flashback sounds – Ghost’s unit calling for air support) (flashback sounds – ActivistSun ordering the pilots […]

Metal Gear Solid 5 – Quiet Helicopter Poses – 100% Maximum Bond Level

[Music] as you probably know the higher your bond level is with quiet the more comfortable she becomes with you in the chopper resulting in different animations if you’d like to see all of these in your game raise your bond level with her – over 90 percent without further ado here’s quite [Music] [Music] […]

Metal Gear: How Kojima vs. Konami Shaped the Games – Wisecrack Edition

Hey Wisecrack, Jared here. Today, we’re diving deep in to the world of Metal Gear Solid. Now, because doing a full-scale “Philosophy of” would be an ARSENAL GEAR-scale undertaking, we decided to focus on something else today – the enigmatic nature of it’s creator, Hideo Kojima. Not only will we be talking about the underlying […]

How many fighting styles does Solid Snake know in Metal Gear Solid?

Hello, I’m Adrian, and today we’re taking an in depth look at Solid Snake’s fighting style in the Metal Gear Solid video game series! Solid Snake is the legendary mercenary who has saved the world multiple times and is He is part of an extraordinarily complex storyline that spans decades and is a very skilled […]

Metal Gear Balloon Ride

(Heavy Breathing) GET BACK TO YOUR POST!!! NOW!!! (Sigh) Boy, my boss sure is mean I wish I had a new boss (Sigh) If only there was some way out of here. Some way to escape. (Metal gears twisting and soldier choking) (Thud) (Peaceful guitar) (Birds happily chirping) (Soft guitar strumming) (Chuckle) Hey! HEY! CHECK […]

30 Years of Metal… GEAR! | A Line Through Time

“Kept you waiting, huh?” (David Hayter’s Voice) Welcome to A LINE THROUGH T⌛ME, where I take the time to look through your favourite franchises and work out how it all lines up. I mean, given my username, you’d think I’d have covered this series much, much sooner. Crazy to think I did the poll… in […]

Top 10 Facts – Metal Gear

In 1986, a man by the name of Hideo Kojima joined the Japanese game development company Konami as a designer and planner. Initially he was disappointed with his assignments at the company and his ideas where often overlooked due to his limited technological understanding. Early on he was given an assignment to develop an action […]