Review: soldering iron handle (a Hakko 907 clone) / pinout / DIY soldering iron for $3

Hi! Today I will show you how to find out the pinout for this soldering iron handle. How to test it and how to use it as a soldering iron. I believe this handle is a clone of the famous Hakko 907 soldering iron. This clone is used in various chinese soldering stations. It’s very […]

Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : Size of Soldering Iron Tips

Hi, we’re talking on copper foiling today and we’re talking about our soldering iron. Specifically, right now I’d like to touch on the different sizes of tips that you can use, because there are different tips for different projects. For copper foiling you would use probably a smaller iron that you would for your big […]

DIY Third Hand For Soldering, Gluing, Hobby Work, etc.

To make one of these 3rd hand wire holders you need a couple clips, heavy piece of wire. Got my scrap wire here. And something to wrap it around I am going to use a 3/4 inch drive extension. Let me get wrapping and I will show you how the wrapping goes. Here’s where we […]

DIY welding with batteries (Good or Bad idea)

I mistakenly said Ohm’s law while that was power rule. lol

Soldering Iron vs. Soldering Gun | Soldering

A soldering gun is this device here. This is a handheld version. It’s 230 watt. So it’s a very, very high powered device and this is made for soldering rather heavy pieces. Pieces that you’re not likely to find on a printed circuit board. You may find heavy connectors or pieces of brass or other […]

Soldering a Guitar Cable

hey how you doing I’m Mike today we’re going to talk about soldering if you like to make music with anything that has a cable attached to it like a guitar or a mic or an audio interface basically anything that’s got a hole to stick a cable in you’re going to want to know […]

How to Solder : Types of Solder

Hi, this is Jeff Naylor from M-troniks in Mesa, Arizona for Expert Village. Solder is a mixture of metals designed to penetrate when melted and provide optimum strength when cooled. There are three things to consider when selecting solder. The first is whether you want lead or lead-free solder. Now, a lot of newer devices […]

Common Soldering Mistakes | Soldering

I have here two different pieces of copper that are from a standard [inaudible 00:09] power supply. One common soldering job might be to put a connector on something like this. This piece of wire has been stripped and sitting out in the air for a long time and I wanted you to see how […]

How to Solder : Soldering Iron Maintenance Tips

Hi, this is Jeff Naylor from Mtroniks is Mesa, Arizona for Expert Village. In this section, we’re discussing soldering and cleaning and maintenance. Now soldering tip maintenance might seem insignificant, but if the top is contaminated, the joint you make with the top will be contaminated and will eventually fail, so it?s actually really important. […]

Soldering Without A Soldering Iron (Update Available)

This video is about soldering without a soldering iron in case you get stuck in a situation and and you can use things like cigarette lighters I’ve used matches, candles, what have you the trick here is this little piece you just make your normal connection where you twist the two wires together but this […]