Robot Welding with SolidWorks – RoboDK Plug-In

Hey what’s up guys, Jeremy here, from RoboDK. Welcome to the second video on our Solidworks plugin. To follow up with what we saw in the first tutorial, we will reuse the example with a table and 2 angle irons to show you how you can use RoboDK’s feature to improve your welding paths. Before […]

Kemppi reference: Outotec, Finland, WeldEye welding management software

In its time, Outokumpu copper mine operated here in Outokumpu for 70 years, in total. Since then, we have manufactured various kinds of process equipment related to ore production and development. We produce machines, equipment and production lines mainly for metal processing. The products are designed and developed by Outotec. I should mention that our […]

How to Design and Prepare Vinyl Cut Jobs in Flexi

“Cutting Vinyl with Flexi” Let’s work a little bit with vinyl cutting options. Those are options used with vector artwork like you see here, to send to a vinyl cutter. One of the first things you might want to do after you design your logo or your graphic, is go over to the left and […]