How to Add and Merge Rows in Table Mode (Broker/Digitiser)

To Add Rows, select Table Select ‘Add Row’ Click to Add Rows Click ‘Save’ To Merge Rows, select Table Select ‘Merge Rows’ Select Rows to Merge Click ‘Save’ Table is Edited

Animating with Expressions – P2 – Channel Hierarchy, Evaluation & Selection Order – Flame 2019.2

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In part 1 on expression animation in Flame… We looked at animation channel relationships… As well as linking them through an expression. We also started covering basic expression syntax… Which included basic mathematics… such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In part two, you’ll start expanding expressions […]

Generate Mattes with Cryptomatte – Flame 2020

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In this video… you’ll learn how to use the new Cryptomatte node in Flame 2020. To give you a bit of background on this tool… The Cryptomatte data pass was created by some very clever people at Psyop… And it allows you to automatically generate a variety […]

Merge: Databases for Developers #17

Sometimes you want to add new rows to your database if they’re not already there. But if they already are you want to overwrite them with the new values you provided. For example I love card games. But cards have a habit of going missing over a time. So every now and then I need […]

Microsoft Excel, SQL & Internet Tips : How to Merge Workbooks in Excel 2003

Hi, my name’s Dave Andrews. Today I’m going to show you how to merge Workbooks in Excel 2003. Let’s open up Excel by clicking on the start button. Let’s go to all programs. Let’s find Microsoft Office. Let’s launch Excel 2003. Now, what we’re going to do is create a workbook that we can merge […]

How to Do a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word & Open Office : Matching Data Fields for a Mail Merge

Hi, I am Gary for expertvillage. Now that we have selected our database, before we start to use it, we need to match the fields. In other words, we have to make sure the fields that we use, since we brought in an outside database, we need to make sure the fields that we use […]

Merge Outlook Folders

The utility allows you to quickly merge the selected Outlook folders with the destination folder. In this example, we want to return folders with incorrectly removed duplicates to original place. To configure the utility, select one or more Outlook folders. Select the destination folder. Run the tool and wait until it finishes. At the end, […]

Create flame effects in Photoshop [4K]

Hey folks Gary Bradley here from Creative Frontiers and in this episode I’m gonna show you how you can create realistic flames with a rather awesome filter that’s built into Photoshop if this is your first time visiting and you’re wanna learn best practice techniques to create killer artwork then start now by subscribing and […]

Updating a Segment Connection – Flame 2018

Hey everyone, Grant here for the Flame Learning Channel. In a previous video, I introduced versioning with the segment connection. This allowed you to create a single segment with content and effects… And duplicate this across multiple sequences in the Reels Group. The duplicated segments are linked together even though they exist in different sequences. […]