Magic Holiday Fairy Melt & Pour Soap

Hello this is Ariane from La Fille de la Mer and I have something super exciting for you guys today! A magic holiday fairy decided to visit my workshop last night and she brought magic fairy dust and I will be making her favorite soap so that all of you guys can enjoy it and […]

How to Make Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base from Scratch

welcome to Soaping101 today I’m going to show you how I create clear melt and pour soap begin by adding stearic acid to my crock-pot and coconut oil I’ll turn my temperature too high and wait for the oils to melt once melted I’ll take note of the temperature for this method to be successful […]

?초간단 쉬운 MP비누포장하기 How to wrap Melt and Pour soap

Now let’s see how to pack MP soap This was made 5 hours ago with my daughter Kitty soap. Ha ha ha So pretty My daughter likes Kitty very much. I made it together It came out so beautifully. The best Four cute kitty came out I will wrap it using a wrap If you […]