MEGA Metal Foundry

What’s up guys welcome back, thanks for joining us today on the king of random in the past We’ve shown you how to make your very own backyard foundry using a metal bucket and this stuff called kaowool Well this has worked out great. We’ve used it for a whole bunch of different projects and […]

Smelting Iron in Africa (A DEMONSTRATION)

从铁矿到铁锄 非洲炼铁技术 克里斯托弗·罗伊 录像: 雅各布·巴莫苟 阿卜杜拉耶·巴莫苟 文本: 让-巴蒂斯特·坚提加教授 瓦加杜古大学 组织者: 雅各布·巴莫苟 剪辑/制片/解说: 克里斯托弗·罗伊 简体中文字幕: 孟杨 2005年5月 布基纳法索的巴莫苟铁匠家族的一群长老 集合起来炼铁 这是60多年来的头一回 这些人年轻时曾目睹炼铁过程 最年长的几位还亲自动手炼过铁 将他们组织起来并提供支持的 是一位很年轻的家族成员雅各布·巴莫苟 他在侄子阿卜杜拉耶的帮助下拍摄了本片 这次冶炼在布基纳法索北部的达布罗村进行 村子在卡亚市以北, 萨赫勒地带边沿 布基纳法索是加纳北边的一个内陆小国 西北毗邻马里, 东北毗邻尼日尔 (烧制木炭) 非洲人制造铁器已有远超2000年的历史 高品质碳钢的大量生产 使非洲人得以制造有力的作战武器 以及高效的农具 若没有铁器技术 农业和发达文明就不可能在非洲传播开 到了20世纪初 第一批法国殖民抵达布基纳法索 当时称为上沃尔特 他们发现这里有兴旺的炼铁业 每年生产数吨高品质金属 过了几十年 法国人开始将卡车和汽车 开上他们强迫被统治者修建的公路 自从第一辆法国汽车高速撞上 公路旁的一棵大楝树 炼铁业就消亡了 因为铁匠能找到便宜又充足的优质金属来源 锻造还在继续, 但冶炼终止了 60年代以来, 商人从中国和日本大批进口 廉价的批量生产的铁 几乎已50年非洲到处都没有人用矿石炼铁了 […]

Primitive Technology: Iron prills

Assembling blower A bark fiber string is simply used to drive the impeller in a reciprocating manner Tuyere is put in place 25 cm wide, 25 cm deep pit is dug Lined with mud Mud and grass Building a stack to a height of 25 cm above ground Fire to help dry it Finished furnace […]

Iron Mining | How To Make Everything: Tools (3/6)

I’m on a quest to make my own tools from scratch and after learning some stone age skills it’s on to the Iron Age The stone age ended with the discovery of metal working, in a period between 6000 and 2000 BC the first used iron as a tool was likely made from fallen meteors […]

How to build a Gas Furnace – Melting Gold and Silver (DIY)

Hi everybody, In this video I’ll show you a small gas fired furnace that I’ve built with relatively cheap and easy to find materials. Warning, Operating a gas furnace and handling molten metals can be extremely dangerous and might result in a serious injury or even death. Beside the obvious fire risk, a gas furnace […]

How To Make An Electrical Arc Furnace

Chances are you’ve thrown these things in the trash without even knowing it. But if you use them like this, they’ll spawn an electric arc hot enough to melt any metal known to man, and even turn rocks into lava. In this project we’re modifying a fire brick and some flashlight batteries, to build an […]