Abertura do arco com eletrodo revestido – Striking an arc – stick welding – Beginn des Lichtbogens

Hello students and apprentices! Today our video will be about striking the electric arc! Here we do, here we weld! There are two techniques for you to strike the electric arc. In the first one, you put the stick next to the part you are going to weld. Distant approximately 10 mm, and you make […]

MW3 30-8 Arkaden | Type 95 Gameplay

Whats up Gamers? I’m Wolverine and welcome to an MW3 Arkaden TDM gameplay. My loadout for this one was, a Type 95 with Red Dot as my primary and a SMAW Launcher as my secondary. My Tac was a Scrambler & my Lethal was Semtex. The perks were Sleight Of Hand, Quick Draw & Stalker. […]

Learning How to Weld with Arc Academy – The Arc

The Elements of Welding: The Arc So your first element of welding is your arc. Well, what is your arc? Your arc is essentially like a static electricity or a lightning bolt. It’s plasma. What is plasma? Well plasma is the completion of a circuit through gas, that’s what it is it’s the fourth ionizing […]

O eletrodo revestido

Hello students and apprentices! Today the our meeting will be about a well-known element welding: the electrode. Have you ever wondered why does this component have this name? So that we can understand where comes the name – electrode – it is important that the people know that every circuit of welding by electric arc, […]

Comment souder à l’arc avec électrode enrobée rutile ? Angle intérieur et extérieur. Soudure à l’arc

Hello little video on arc welding with coated electrode. In this video I’m going to show you how to assemble 6mm sheet metal I have to make an angle iron to fix a handrail pole on a stair step you will see in this video how to position the two sheets of 6 mm How […]


This video features a great Call Of Duty player tsunami33. You will see gameplay with the following weapons, PP90M1, ACR 6.8, UMP45, G36C, RPG, SCAR-L, Grenade, SMAW, Striker, MP7 & MP5. The following Killstreaks, UAV, I.M.S., Attack Helicopter, Predator Missile, Assault Drone and finally you will see tsunami33 bring the rain with the AC130. I’ve […]

MW3 32-8 Seatown | UMP45 Gameplay

What’s up everyone, I’m Wolverine and welcome to an MW3 Seatown TDM gameplay. As you can see from the video I started the game late. My loadout for this match was, a UMP45 with Rapid Fire, a SMAW for secondary, a Concussion Grenade for Tactical & Semtex for Lethal. The perks were Scavenger, Quick Draw […]

How to prepare your SMAW testing coupons before final Inspection Pt.1

Video Shot at Fullerton College by Tevor Nichols and Brenden Wethington and Hector was there too…..

Welding shop: how to tips for mig or smaw welding pipelines & spray heads!

What’s up guys today I’m going to show you how we construct the water system on our Peterbilt water truck! We just got this Peterbilt water truck and it has rear spray heads only. Our customer has requested that we have front spray heads, so we were going to be building this system all the […]