“Gold Rush” Star Shares Welding Tips

So a big thing with welding in the field or, or in the shop is perhaps pretty important. It’s pretty crucial and usually up there in the Yukon you don’t really get clean iron too often. A guy tries to take the time to prep everything you know, buff the paint, clean the slag off […]

Journeymen Pipefitters Keep Welding With Stick/TIG Remote

In any given year, Modern Piping will perform roughly 1,100 projects. The type of welding we’re doing is TIG, tungsten inert gas welding, as well as stick welding for hangers. We’ve slowly been changing our fleet over to Miller products. Well, it will improve quality because we can make those finite adjustments at a rapid […]

Post Hole Auger – DIY (Weekend Welding Warrior)(Updated version available)

This is a project I did, had no real reason for it. it’s a post hole auger This is a piece of wood. a handle I bought at a hardware store a pipe “T” fitting This is a pipe nipple I cut in half I did not want to grind this out and put in […]

Stick Welding With Multimatic 255

Now, let’s set up the Multimatic 255 for welding the stick process. Please take a few minutes to review important safety information and tips, and remember to wear appropriate safety gear during setup and welding. First, while the machine is off, make sure the drive lead is disconnected. Then, insert the stick stinger into the […]

Welding Basics for Beginners

Hi I’m Steve Christena from Arc Academy. Arc Academy is a small beginner and entry-level welding school here in Chicago, Illinois. And what we do is we teach beginners how to weld, but everybody that comes through our door usually doesn’t have any idea what welding actually is which is the liquification of a base […]

Buying Your First Stick Welder

Hi I’m Steve from Arc Academy. Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the welding processes you probably determined your needs and maybe you’re only in the market for a stick welder. Well Miller’s got several options for you. Stick welding works fantastic outdoors and windy conditions, it will weld on lightly rusted […]