2018 SkillsUSA Auto Collision Repair Competition at Aims Community College

Today we’re holding our regional SkillsUSA competition which includes various aspects of collision repair including bodywork, metalwork, including paint refinishing and priming. So I did collision, the secondary collision, which is the high school program And I did the metalwork, bodywork, plastic repair estimating and then structural and frame damage and welding as well. We […]

Construction Careers Pay Above Average

Rob McClendon: Hello, everyone. Thanks for joining us here on “Horizon.” Well, for anyone who feels ill-suited to sit in an office all day, or even more likely a cubicle, today our focus is on an alternative – two of them to be exact: construction and manufacturing. Two industries that have much in common – […]

Diversity In Manufacturing: Penn College’s All-Female Welding Team

(Begin upbeat music) Joelle Perelli: When I was younger, I really had a creative side. I’d like to take things and if I could see another use for them I would take them apart and make things so that they would work in a different fashion. Natalie Rhoades: I always like tearing stuff apart, putting […]

SkillsUSA CRT 10.0 – Nitrogen Plastic Welding Process

Hi, I’m Kurt Lammon with Polyvance. The purpose of this video is to show you the new nitrogen plastic welding portion of the plastic repair part of the collision repair technology segment of the SkillsUSA competition. Alright, before we start using the plastic welder, there are a couple of important safety precautions we need to […]

GNTC | Welding and Joining Technology (revised)

(music) (Announcer) Welding is a major part of virtually all manufacturing, construction, repair, and processing industries. It is a necessary function in the creation of all vehicles, buildings, bridges, pipelines, planes, boats, rockets, and much more. The Welding and Joining program at Georgia Northwestern Technical College prepares students for the welding industry by providing practical […]