Gaining skills for a better life | Sustainability at Shell

South of Manila, in the Philippines, Brenda Aniyahan seemed destined to a life struggling to make ends meet, just like many underprivileged Filipinos do today. But she found a way to break the mould, and train for a job which set her apart from most women in her community. Brenda was lucky an opportunity opened […]

Chris from Louisiana – Voices for Skills

(upbeat music) – I grew up in Jackson, Louisiana, graduated high school, and I started working at a local grocery store. Worked there for about 15 years, and heard about the North Baton Rouge Training Initiative. It was like, wow, this is something that I really wanna try. – We’ll do review questions tonight on […]

Work Search – How Do I Get Experience?

Hi, I’m Rachel with ALIS, the Alberta Learning Information Service. Are you wondering how to get work experience? Experience is important, because experience basically shows that you’ve taken the time to learn a particular skill, or learned something related to that skill, and have genuine interest in this job. You can get experience through volunteering, […]

CTE Welding – Annual Dinner Video

so in the welding program we start off for the first week talking about safety precautions learning about what to do and what not to do and then we kind of move on as a junior you start off gas welding and oxy-fuel cutting and all that then we move you over to stick and […]

Modern Day Rosie: Women in Welding – SSC 360

The role of women in the workforce is drastically different than it was years ago. In the nineteen forties some ladies took on the traditional housewife role while others found themselves in the service industry working Pink collar jobs. World War II sparked the need for American women to join the front lines in the […]

How to Develop Basic Welding Skills

How to Develop Basic Welding Skills. Welding is a method of permanently joining metal pieces together. If you’re considering welding as a hobby or as a career, start with safety basics and get hands-on experience. You will need and internet access. Always wear protective eye covering and take all necessary precautions when using welding equipment. […]

The Metal Fabricator: Patrick’s Story

♪(Music Playing)♪ I won the 2013 Australian Apprentice of the Year. Definitely remember the night. It was pretty unforgettable. We were over in Perth, and the awards night apprentices are last, so I had to wait right until the end to figure out how I’d gone, and it was just a real thrill to be […]

CTE Welding

Our welding program offers student a full experience. They spend most of their time learning welding using hands on techniques. And they’re also given the opportunity to participate in internships designed to connect the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom with the real world requirements of the business Opportunities for young people going into […]