Welder fuses scrap metal into works of motorcycle art

My name is Brittany and I’ve been making welding art for six years now. I’m kind of artsy as it is and then I got introduced to welding and both the hobbies kind of mixed together. What like about welding is that you can get any scrap pieces, find whatever you can find and make […]

Epic Jobs 2018 – Video #2

(upbeat music) – The main reason of this event is showcase all the careers available in the trades and apprenticeships. We have businesses from all over the municipalities within the Grand Erie region, Haldimand, Norfolk, Brant County, and the city of Brantford. – It’s been a very good opportunity to explain to the students what […]

Leave the desk job behind with Simone Hewitt (Video)

♪MUSIC♪ (BACKGROUND SOUNDS) My Grandpa was a handyman, my Stepdad was an electrician for a long time. You can say trades runs in my family. I love all trades. I’m a fitter, I want to get my welding ticket, my gas and maybe even plumbing one day. ♪MUSIC♪ (BACKGROUND SOUNDS) I love working with my […]

Kayla Belser – Welding Graduate – Nashville Campus

heard about Lincoln Tech on TV while laying in my bed thinking what am I gonna do with my life so I sing Lincoln College and I seen first it was all to be it’ll probably I was like oh wow yeah I called him up and I the recruiter she really helped she helped […]

Welding – Careers in Focus – Career Connections – WGTE

♪ I’m Zachary Kulwicki. I am a welder and fabricator. A welder gets to play with fire and electricity a lot. On the most grandiose scale, it’s pretty much shooting bottled lightning into a volcano. There are three different forms of welding. MIG welding, which is metal inert gas. that’s for most production welding. You […]

Sheridan College. School of Skilled Trades – Welding

In as little as 28-weeks, you can get industry-respected training in welding and carve yourself a new career path. Sheridan’s welding certificate program brings you experienced and connected instructors, state of the art welding facilities, small class sizes, hands-on experience and a solid reputation with local employers. You’ll get practical training in current welding techniques […]

#myNCstory – Welding: Skills of steel in a high-demand trade

(techno music) (welding noise) – [Voiceover] I love the program. I love it because you learn so much, especially with the (mumbles) part. – What is a weld, and what it’s supposed to do, and the drafting part. – [Voiceover] The students learn various welding processes, shield and metal art, gas and metal art, oxy […]

Welding and Fabrication Techniques program at Algonquin College

Algonquin College is a home in many exciting programs including welding and fabrication techniques the welding and fabrication courses primarily take place in the new ACCE building. this building has modern facilities which give the students the knowledge and the tools to have the best opportunities for employment The welding program has advanced equipment that […]