The History Of Harnessing Electricity From Witches [with Demetri Martin]

(dramatic music) – Seven AM, in the morning, Junior technician Robert Benchler Sr arrives for work at the largest power plant on the Eastern seaboard. He sits at his desk. It’s a usual morning for Benchler. But something very unusual is about to happen. Disaster. He quickly discovers the plant is minutes away from a […]

Did Ben Franklin Really Discover Electricity? (ft. Gary & Me)

congratulations. you will be watching the greatest video you have ever seen! at some point. in your life. maybe you may have already watched that video. it’s- really depends on what you think the greatest video is. hopefully you enjoy my video today as well- WHEEZYWAITER! Hey beard lovers Today is January seventEEns twenty-seventEEn ah, […]

Putty Made of Precious Metals

“Los Visitantes” – Sketch

Yeah, dude, I´ve got it They say you can explore all the galaxies you want, every planet… … ant it has some kind of… of… “something” that creates all the alien lifeforms and planets randomly then you can see… damn… it´s crazy, dude -Greetings Human, we are the “underground people” -After thousand of years hiding […]

Liquid Welding Pen (Bondic)

Bonding is important, but there’s a right way to do it and there’s a wrong way. OK, everybody, hi! I want to introduce myself. My name’s Jeff from corporate. Now come over here and we’re going to form a hug train. That’s it. Everybody, front to back, I’ll be the caboose. I’ll get a hug, […]