SR25 ECC Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (SR-25) (BFH)

Hey hows it going guys, Kris here and in this battlefield hardline weapon guide Ill be going over the SR-25 ECC in quite a lot of detail. its a semi-automatic sniper rifle so it only fires one shot at a time and being a sniper, youl only be able to use it on a professional […]

Battlefield Hardline Robbery, Getaway and Betrayal DLC Wishlist and Predictions (BFH)

Hey, hows it hangin guys, kris here, and im just gonna talk a bit about battlefield hardlines upcoming dlcs, now pretty much all of the stuff im gonna go on about in this video is mainly speculation, possible ideas and well, things id like to see. Non of the stuff here has actually been announced […]