Dynasty 400 Gives Metal Shark Boats Highest Weld Quality

I think the driving force behind our best practices are: focus on the customer, and our focus on quality. We’ve always, always delivered on time, but we always keep an eye on what’s the best for the customer, and what’s the best for the quality. My name is Karl Prados and I’m the General Manager […]

Hobart Filler Metals Help Marine Group Boat Works Build U.S. Navy Dive Boats

These boats have to be real tough. The Navy divers are extremely rigorous. They work 24 hours a day. They’re constantly immersed in salt water, hence the aluminum construction, and they’ve got to be able to slam up against the side of a ship or submarine over and over again and not risk the divers […]

BSB Industry Welding video

Do you need a welding job done right so it will stand the test of time? If you’re looking for durability and quality come to BSB Industry. We’re set up to meet your welding demands within aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Have a big job? Not a problem, we specialize in it. Bring your large-scale […]