Weld-Mask 2 Provides Versatile Solution for Welding Safety

Miller’s Weld-Mask platform gives users two lightweight, close fitting auto-darkening solutions. Both the Weld-Mask and the Weld-Mask 2 are ideal for sitting underneath a hard hat or working in areas where a traditional welding helmet is limited. Any time you’re tilting your head or bumping your helmet, a Weld-Mask should be considered. The Weld-Mask is […]

Multiprocess Welder Offers Portability for TIG, MIG, Stick

The Dynasty® 280 DX with CV, where portability meets multi-process. This machine is a multi-process version of the industry-leading Dynasty series. Having both constant curr ent and constant voltage output, this machine is able to weld TIG, MIG and stick processes. Weighing only 55 pounds and having convenient carry strap makes this machine the most […]

Mod-01 Lec-02 Characteristics of Shipbuilding Industry

So, continuing what we have been doing in the morning with ship types; ship types, we have seen various types of ships, both inland and ocean going, and then we will talk a little about the other component, that is, the offshore structures. Offshore structures – we can see that the advent of offshore structure […]

How A Cargo Ship Helped Win WW2: The Liberty Ship Story

In the frigid autumn of 1940, hundreds of cargo ships travel across the Atlantic. It’s a desperate effort to keep Britain supplied in its war effort against Nazi Germany. But they’re being decimated by enemy ships and submarines. In 1940 alone, Germany will sink over 1,000 Allied ships. Britain is at risk of being starved […]

Welding: A Skill Required in Every Industry

>>Up next of ATE TV: A look under the hood at the career of a welding technician. [ music ] Take a look around and you’ll see that most of the physical world involves welding. It’s not just auto manufacturing and ship building. Welding is a highly technical field that involves lasers, robotics and computer […]