Mod-3 Lec-7 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Part-2

welcome students this is the second lecture on the shielded metal arc welding so the continuation of the first lecture on the same topic and I have explained that the welding process parameters like welding current welding voltage and welding speed significantly effects the soundness of the weld joint which is produced so by continuing […]

Mod-3 Lec-6 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Part-1

welcome students this is the fifth fifth lecture on the welding engineering and this lecture is based on the shielded metal arc welding processes in this lecture I shall cover the principles related to the shielded metal arc welding process the power source and the type of welding current and and the the different aspects […]

Shielded Metal Arc Welding – Welding Process – Production Process I

click the bell icon to get latest videos from Ekeeda then I’ll talk about shielded metal arc welding it would be the arc which is shielded with some flux or with some slag with enhance your welding process so we’ll go into detail in this video so in shielded metal arc welding the arc itself […]

Mod-01 Lec-28 Shielded Metal Arc Welding

We will start with the welding processes. Welding processes has used in ship building industry. Primary we look into that. So, there as you can see, generally all the welding techniques involved. They are fusion welding processes. Here, I have listed some of them, which are more relevant as far as the ship building industry […]

Miller Users Weld for Performance

(upbeat music) – I’m Dan Reiger, I’m a welder at the Bobcat Company in Gwinner, North Dakota. Bobcat’s been around for 60 years. I’ve been with Bobcat for 27 years myself. Anything I do I like to be consistent in my welding. My wife calls me a perfectionist. Miller, it makes my work better, my […]

Lec 9 – Shielded Metal Arc Welding

i welcome you all in this ninth presentation on the subject joining technology for metal and in the last lecture we have seen the technical aspects related to the shielded metal arc welding process and in this presentation i will talk about first a few basic fundamentals related to the arc welding processes and thereafter […]