Melt Shaving Soap to Fit Your Bowl

Greetings! I’m Geofatboy for Shave Nation Shaving Supplies, Did you drop your shaving puck into your mug and have it be too small? Where it just spins around in a circle? you go to spin your brush into the soap and it just moves the puck all over the bottom of the mug. I […]

How to sharpen Stainless Steel Meat Clever/Block knife Sharpener

sharpening 440-c stainless steel These are all different knives have been sharpened with the block knife sharpener Block sharpener are american-made we offer a lifetime guarantee We put are last name and website on the handle of the sharpener. we got a lot of how to use them videos for all different kind of tools, […]

Sharpening 440-c Stainless steel pocket knives to Shaving Sharp. Block knife sharpener.

an off-brand knife just confirming okay squeeze them in there tight draw through our rods are made to adjust so they pick up on any edge what they’re doing is squeezing back puts the original edge back in the knife they take very little no steel off .so you don’t wear a blade out. quicker […]

Raptor CBN Sharpening Wheel (Cubic Boron Nitride)

what if you never needed to replace a worn-out grinding wheel again what if you could make your prized tools last longer and cut cleaner with the Raptor cbn sharpening wheel you can do this and more using a standard 8 inch bench grinder and without removing safety guards the Raptor cbn sharpening wheel cuts […]