Cutit FOX KNIVES Black Fox Dipprasad – Full tang survival knife (FOX-BF-711); 440C Stainless Steel

A knife that I like a lot is coming from Italy, from FOX KNIVES cutlery. Fox Knives has many “divisions”. The knife I’m showing you today bleongs to Black Fox series (or division). Black Fox series and the knife’s name is Dipprasad. This is the box it’s coming in… …a nice box… And the knife […]

Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

Over the past few months I’ve been working on this video as a follow-up to user comments on a previous video on if it’s possible to cast obsidian. This proved to be a major challenge that took six attempts, broke multiple crucibles and two different kilns. But I didn’t want to stop until I finally […]

Autoleveling on 3D printers: 9 myths and 12 sensors tested!

Twelve options to sense the surface of a 3D printer’s bed. Twelve solutions to the same problem. Twelve sensors that are all different. But there can only be one! Well, actually, each one of these has an upside, so let’s see what they can and can’t do. Myth busting 3D-printer style! Essentially these should all […]