SEAC Ramon “CZ” Colon-Lopez on leading in a Joint Environment

Leadership is the same regardless of what you do. It’s getting people to accomplish the mission, in the simplest of terms. The difficult part is tailoring your leadership style to the culture of each service. So you have to have an understanding on how they think and what makes them react to the orders placed […]

2017 Winnebago Fuse 23 T Class B+ Diesel Motorhome Video Tour •

Welcome to the world famous Guaranty RV Super Centers here in Junction City. I’m Gary Christiance. I’m your Van Guy. I’ve got a little bit bigger van today from Winnebago. It’s an awesome product. It’s a 2017 Inline five cylinder… hold your breath… Ford diesel engine. Yes, Ford diesel. We took this bad boy out […]

2018 Winnebago Fuse 23 A Class B+ Diesel Motorhome Video Tour •

Hi, welcome to the world famous guaranty RV Super Centers here in Junction City, Oregon. I’m Gary Christiance, the van guy. Got some great stuff for you today. We have a Fuse to take a look at, a rear bath twin bed floor plan. Nice and open very spacious, let’s just zip in the back […]

Ford Focus MK3 cabin fuses location (fusebox, BCM module)

In Ford Focus MK3 cabin fuses are located on the passengers side. Open the door and find two plastic locks that hold textile cover. Pull those locks. After removing textile cover you’ll see GEM module with fuses.

Peugeot 5008 cabin fuses and OBD2 port location

OK, right now I’m next to the Peugeot 5008 and if you need to run some diagnostic of your car or just check the fuses you need to access the fuses and the OBD2 port. So the port is over here. Under this little compartment. And to access it you need to grab it and […]

Opel Astra J cabin fuses and OBD2 port location

Hi! Today we are next to the Opel Astra J or Vauxhall Astra J and I’m going to show you where is the obd2 port and cabin fuses in this car. So the obd2 port is right over here, next to your clutch pedal. OK, we can see it. And fuses are behind this compartment. […]

BMW E60 E61 cabin fuses and OBD2 port (5-series, maintenance, diagnostics)

OBD2 port in BMW 5-series (Models E60 and E61) is located on the drivers side. Open the door and look for small cover at the bottom that you need to open. Behind it you’ll find OBD2 port. Fuses are located behind glovebox. Open the glovebox and turn two locks on both sides, then open plastic […]

Your City Saskatoon Light and Power

We all rely on electricity. Do you know your supplier? Saskatoon Light & Power provides electricity to more than 60,000 properties. That’s not all homes and businesses in the city, so it’s important to know your service provider. We encourage residents to get to know the boundary map online. They may have service from Saskatoon […]

iPhone X repair case – making repairs an Art! iPhone X维修案例-让维修成为一种艺术!

Welcome to aiao technology’s channel Today I will share with you an iPhone X repair case This cell phone has been opened by the guest himself We can see that the outer frame has fallen more seriously. But the screen is not broken I do n’t know if it is damaged He removed the motherboard […]