Your City Saskatoon Light and Power

We all rely on electricity. Do you know your supplier? Saskatoon Light & Power provides electricity to more than 60,000 properties. That’s not all homes and businesses in the city, so it’s important to know your service provider. We encourage residents to get to know the boundary map online. They may have service from Saskatoon […]

iPhone X repair case – making repairs an Art! iPhone X维修案例-让维修成为一种艺术!

Welcome to aiao technology’s channel Today I will share with you an iPhone X repair case This cell phone has been opened by the guest himself We can see that the outer frame has fallen more seriously. But the screen is not broken I do n’t know if it is damaged He removed the motherboard […]

How to Replace the Hard Disk Drive | HP Desktop Pro, Pro A G2, G3 and 190-0000 PC | HP

How to Replace the Hard Disk Drive Before you begin: Remove the side panel, the optical drive, if installed, and the front bezel. Removal Disconnect the power and SATA data cables from the hard disk drive. Pull back the metal hook on the drive cage that secures the optical drive power cable. Remove the optical […]

Battlefield 3 – Heli vs. Jet starring sil3nt-steps – RPG from Heli kills jet

Heli: Dust-Q5 vs. Jet: sil3nt-steps (Seatswitching after pilot left.) (Both jets, heli and AA focusing on me.) (Circling below the jet so he does not get a good angle.) (Beginner spawned on gunner seat. :X What now?) Neo service star

Chimney Liner Installation for Fireplace Insert Stainless Steel

The liner is down in here now, and we’re going to attach this A connector to it, the liner slips in between, and allows the creosote to run back into the stove, anyway, I’ll just show you that. Now, we might have to use crimpers on the Z Flex to get it to fit in […]

How to Make a Helmet Stand

Hi! My name is Dave. You’re watching “Make for Others”. And in this episode we’re going to build a helmet stand for my friend George’s helmet! I’d been working on a Star Wars Boba Fett helmet for my friend George and also wanted to give him a few options for where it could hang in […]

Publix Jobs: What’s It Like to Work in Publix Industrial Maintenance?

look at it go this bottle sorting machine helps our pharmacy fill hundreds of thousands of prescriptions every week it knows exactly what size bottle to select and where to send it on the line pretty fancy stuff specialty equipment and machinery like this is the backbone of manufacturing and distribution at Publix and it […]

RESQ1 Field & Service Jeep – SEMA – Eastwood

yeah everybody it’s matt from the school company where I see me 2013 that will admit a lot of years we kind of heavy on the street rod muscle car stuff but we also love off-road vehicles and we’re with Kristen from JP magazine jeeps are one of the fastest growing trends in the automotive […]

Hardwood Floor Supplies Delivered Daily From City Floor Supply, Philadelphia, PA

At City Floor Supply, we have a full fleet of transit vans, box trucks, and curtain side trucks that we will deliver within typically a 100, 150 mile radius of our hub location here in King of Prussia. We do ship all over the country via UPS or Comm Carrier Freight, but our delivery service […]


Now , I have decided in this video. that i need to use Some J-B Weld (two part epoxy) Epoxy, and I found a weak spot -Right… in this area right here So=I am going to show you how I USE J-B Weld This version takes about 24 hours to cure Thats if ..done […]