ElectroStop® Monolithic Isolation Joints

Between 1993 and 2012 there were 986 pipeline explosions in the U.S. alone… Resulting in 367 deaths, 1462 injuries and more than 700 million dollars in property damage. Investigators found that material, weld, and equipment failures along with internal or external corrosion around pipe connections caused many of these explosions. Fortunately, these are tragedies that […]

Relaxation time: Current Electricity – 01 For Class 12th

So today onward we will start a new chapter This is a major chapter of our syllabus of class 12th We will start with CURRENT ELECTRICITY OK Now in this chapter we are going to study about the phenomenon related to the motion of charges When charges are flowing or when charges are in motion […]

How to protect circuits from reversed voltage polarity!

In this video I’m going to show you a couple of ways to protect your circuits from backwards power connections. Let’s say you have a 12 volt power source like a battery and you want to power something. It doesn’t matter what it is. Let’s say it draws 2 amperes. When the battery is connected […]

Transistor / MOSFET tutorial

In this tutorial I’m going to go over the basics of a popular transistor and show you how you can use it to control different gadgets. What is a transistor? A transistor is a device that allows you to use small changes in voltage to switch things on and off. They are kind of like […]