Bees and Electric Charge | Electricity of Life

Welcome to the Electricity of Life brought to you by The Thunderbolts Project™ at As bees drink sugary nectar and collect pollen for its nutrients and fat, these interactions between pollinator and plant include evolutionary adaptations to electrical science. A high school student from the future would surely mention at least two electrical interactions […]

Silk City – Electricity (Lyrics) ft. Dua Lipa, Diplo, Mark Ronson

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Electricity vs Cold

Alright everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab. So, as you can see here, I have a 100ft length of blasting wire. This is the same stuff I used in my episode 6 of my mining project. I’ve affixed to it a small light bulb, as you can see there. You see… what we’d figured happened […]

Electricity From Moonlight

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Cody’s Lab So right now it’s 1 AM, November 14 2016. Tonight is one of the so-called super moons. Basically the Moon is at its full phase, and closest approach to the Earth. So it’s a few percent brighter than usual. But still, this is the perfect opportunity to test […]

Sony Vaio won’t turn on (Fixed) / Static electricity problem solved

Sony Vaio E SERIES Won’t turn on See again the power lights 🙁 Let’s see… Try it if your laptop is in the same way.. Close it Remove charger and battery Ops Open it Now press power button for 30 seconds… 30 seconds or more… ;P Connect charger once again See that charger light is […]

▶ Omega Planet Ocean 600M Stainless Steel, Black Ceramic UNBOXING & REVIEW – 42mm

Hey guys, it’s Chris here, over at Today I’m going to be introducing you to a brand new, in the box, Omega Planet Ocean. It’s a 600 meter, 42 millimeter watch. As you see I’m opening the box right now, you’re gonna see this booklet here, also the warranty cards, as well. And also […]

Insane micro-Welding Experiment – Welding Gum Wrapper Foil

Today I have a crazy experiment. I did another attempt at welding aluminum foil a while back. That was successful. I wanted to know how thin of aluminum foil I could weld together. And the thinnest I can find is the stuff on gum wrappers. The problem with the gum wrapper is that is has […]

A world of colour with 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100XXi

My name’s Rich Baker, I’m a metal sculpting artist. I’ve been doing this for around four years, full time and I love every second of it. So I’ve been very fortunate to discover a new lens that 3M has come up with. Those of you who weld for a living or just as a hobby […]

How to See Clearly Through Your Welding Helmet – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): How to See Clearly Through Your Welding Helmet, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you looking at? Kevin Caron: Well, I got an email the other day, a new welder, he’s still in school, and he wanted to know why do helmets come in different shades (either the old-fashioned […]