Vocaloid – Circus Monster (English Cover)【Melt】

Time is dead and gone, show must go on It’s time for our act They all scream at me, they cannot see This curtain hides me An amazing gift, so quick and swift You were amazing By myself I can’t, they start to chant Why are you not here? Grinning at me, I lay on […]

Merging Shapefiles

As you can see we have ArcMap open I’m gonna go over to the Add Data button and we’re in one of my geodatabases I’m gonna select Clark County Indiana Jefferson County Kentucky and Oldham County Kentucky while these three counties are contiguous they don’t have to be contiguous I’m gonna add those you can […]


High If this is to end in fire then we should all burn together Watch the flames climb high into the night Calling out father, oh stand by and we will Watch the flames burn auburn on the mountainside High And if we should die tonight then we should all die together Raise a glass […]


DETECTOR VALERIO hello to all detector Valerio I am here among the stones let’s see what I found below here it is a buckle first target buckle and let’s move on to the not so profound neighbor he was shallow 4 cm here I made a nice hole a piece of aluminum trash as usual […]

Ajustable router jig for square holes or recesses

Align router-based center See the previous video for how to make a center cone.

Bees and Electric Charge | Electricity of Life

Welcome to the Electricity of Life brought to you by The Thunderbolts Project™ at Thunderbolts.info. As bees drink sugary nectar and collect pollen for its nutrients and fat, these interactions between pollinator and plant include evolutionary adaptations to electrical science. A high school student from the future would surely mention at least two electrical interactions […]

Silk City – Electricity (Lyrics) ft. Dua Lipa, Diplo, Mark Ronson

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Electricity vs Cold

Alright everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab. So, as you can see here, I have a 100ft length of blasting wire. This is the same stuff I used in my episode 6 of my mining project. I’ve affixed to it a small light bulb, as you can see there. You see… what we’d figured happened […]

Electricity From Moonlight

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Cody’s Lab So right now it’s 1 AM, November 14 2016. Tonight is one of the so-called super moons. Basically the Moon is at its full phase, and closest approach to the Earth. So it’s a few percent brighter than usual. But still, this is the perfect opportunity to test […]

Sony Vaio won’t turn on (Fixed) / Static electricity problem solved

Sony Vaio E SERIES Won’t turn on See again the power lights 🙁 Let’s see… Try it if your laptop is in the same way.. Close it Remove charger and battery Ops Open it Now press power button for 30 seconds… 30 seconds or more… ;P Connect charger once again See that charger light is […]