SawStop Service Tip: Level and Align Cast Iron Wings

This video shows you how to align the wing and table for your Professional Cabinet Saw. Typically, you should be able to align a cast iron wing with the main table using the normal installation procedure. However, due to the flexible nature of cast iron and other circumstances, the levelling and alignment between the main […]

Непровар в корне шва?Сварка аргоном труб!Как он выглядит?Что делать и как исправить!(Tig welding)

Hello everyone On the topic of how to determine the penetration at the root of the seam or not ??? When we cook the seams, we look inward, shine with a flashlight It happens that you seem to have a penetration But actually it is not We have a welding seam in which we welded […]

Lec 19 – Resistance welding processes: spot and seam welding

Hello I welcome you all in the second lecture on the Resistance Welding processes In the last lecture I talked about the basic principles by which heat by which weld joints are developed And we know that in the distance welding processes the heat used for the development of joint comes from the I square […]

How to Sew a French Seam / Double Top Stitch

Eric: This video is brought to you by Sailrite. Visit for all your project supplies, tools, and instructions. In this short video, we’re going to show you the process of creating a French seam. Nothing sets off an upholstery job, like this cushion, better than a French seam. French seams are used for the […]

How To Weld a Trunk Lid Skin. Model A DeckLid Skin from Scratch! @ Eastwood

hey guys it’s matt from east over here in the eastwood garage doing another live tech session both on youtube and facebook for you guys to have been watching these before we want to be as interactive as possible over here we have Randy city seal on the videos and thanks for joining us getting […]