Mucky Secrets – Part 17 – Sea Snails & Flame Scallop – Lembeh Strait

I Went Metal Detecting & Found Old Rusty Abandoned Safe… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

(tense music) (beeping sounds) I moved out. I have finally moved out! As you can see, new room, new house, NEW ME! Alright, not new me. I’m exactly the same. (laughs) Boo got new house! And u-upon moving into this new house, I found out a lot of history about this town that I moved […]

I Went Metal Detecting & Found $10,000 in Abandoned Safe… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

Yo guys it’s morgz and welcome back to another banger ! Mom, yeah, is that a steak? Hello guys and welcome back to the most awesome channel eva Adventure and today is literally gonna be an adventure my entire life I’ve always wanted to go on a treasure hunt. It sounds like so much fun […]

I Went Metal Detecting Underwater and You Won’t Believe What I Found… (Scuba Diving Challenge)

(dramatic orchestral music) (kn/ocking) – [Thomas] Yeah? – [Thomas] Just a minute. – [Thomas] Yeah, just a minute. (comical music) Come on then, let’s go. – What? – What’s wrong? – Gimme a minute, eh? (comical music) – Come on then, let’s go. – Okay, so it’s the first thing in the morning. The sun […]

Stainless steel davits and solar arch installed – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.018)

It’s Tuesday morning of week 3 of being on board and today we’re expecting the guys to come and install the solar arch and stainless steel davits system. I’m getting a little bit stir-crazy now. I mean it’s a nice marina but I didn’t come here to sit in the marina, I came here to […]

SCUBA Diving Safety Tips from U.S. Military Divers

The Pacific region is home to some of the top dive spots in the world, but diving safety is first. We’re military divers with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. You know, diving is awesome- -but it is also dead serious. Always have a dive buddy. and always stay together. “So that’s going to be dive […]

Snorkeling a Hidden Waterfall – I Found $203 Oakleys Underwater! (Crystal Clear Water!!!)

What’s up guys. Here we are at a brand new location check this out. This is my uncle Steve. It’s my cousin Blake. People here like this all the time pretty much right. Steve: Right in the summer. Yeah. Dallas: I mean it’s a constant flow of people so the chances of there being stuff […]

Dream Job: A Day in the Life of Our Divers by Aquarium Love Stories

Something that makes me feel good about my job particularly, is the impact that we have on everyday guests. Never do I go home and not wonder if I’ve done a good job because it resonates anytime somebody gets out of the water. When somebody says that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my […]

Scuba Diving – Tamil | 😱 BEST Underwater EXPERIENCE EVER 😍

Welcome back to Theera ulaa, We’re about to scuba dive in one of the best sea located in Havelock Island. We’ve now come here to book tickets with ‘Padi’ scuba diving centre There’s usually 2 options for Scuba diving first, they take you from shore to the sea Price for that is 3500 Rs Second, […]

Wärtsilä Further Extends Its Underwater Servicing Capabilities (Press Video: AETOSWire)

The technology group Wärtsilä, which has operations in over 200 locations in more than 80 countries around the world, is strengthening its underwater related servicing capabilities with the opening of a new diving center facility in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. This expansion has been undertaken by Trident, a member of the Wärtsilä group. By expanding […]