URBAN MINING! Recovering gold, copper, precious metals from PCB’s without chemicals

So we are very excited because we finally have a system in place here to run these circuit boards. And I have four different bins, I got back from the scrap yard and picked through their electronic boards & circuit boards. And I tried to separate them into four different categories. This bin, they’re all […]

Hard Drive Tear Down For Precious Metals! In Detail HD

Here is my video on details of scrap hard drive. This is not a video on how to take a part a hard drive. If you want to see that, Watch my first video. Taking of the retaining ring it is held in with 4 or 5 aluminum machined aluminum. If you have a bag […]

Mesa para soldar y de trabajo barata presupuesto bajo /welding workbench at low cost

welding workbench at low budget I went to a local welding shop and bought a metal sheet from their scrap pile this is a small table it is 2 1/2 feet length, 2.4 feet wide and 1/2″ thick I have some old bed rails that I’m going to use as a frame for the table […]

Giant Sculptures Decorate North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway

(peaceful instrumental music) – [Voiceover] The town of Regent is dying. I said, if someone doesn’t do something, this community will be a dead community. I have a paved road from interstate to Regent. Now what do I do to bring people down 30 miles? (peaceful instrumental music) Then it dawned on me, nobody is […]

Welding Students Bring “Student Bodies” to Life

The kids got to use their imaginations, they were stimulated, they could really think in a way that many have not the opportunity to do before to just go crazy with some of these skills they now have as a result of coming to school here. Approximately 50 welding students at Pennsylvania College of Technology […]