Ice and fire: How burning forests can help melt ice sheets

On the western edge of the Greenland ice sheet there’s a stretch of dirty grey ice known as the dark zone 400km long and 100km wide this dark zone is melting somewhere between double and ten times the rate of the white ice around it For a while, scientists thought it was a frozen relic […]

The Mysterious Event That Made Venus A Death Trap

Sometimes we call the planet Venus “Earth’s Twin”, but that’s only because the two planets are roughly equal in size. After that, not much else is similar and because of the extreme temperatures on the so-called planet of love, humans would not stand any chance of survival. In the words of one writer, Venus is […]

Innovation Awards Winners 2017 – Boron doped diamond electrodes

What Zoe’s doing behind me is recording a pH measurement. It’s really important in water quality and health monitoring It’s based on technology that’s over 100 years old. I’ve always been interested in trying to develop a sensor material that would be extremely robust; the one that really kept coming back to me that had […]

These Squishy Batteries Are Made Out of Water, Here’s How They Work

We humans are soft and squishy, and don’t like electricity. Robots are hard and pointy, and they love it. So how do we make a robot that’s soft and squishy like living things, but still gets power? Hydrogels of course. Hard, metal robots are so 20th century. “Soft-robotics” is hip. Just like me. Soft-robotics involves […]


Which is the most hardest element to produce ? I mean from the elements that we know the hardest one in the sense of the longest time to produce one atom was the element 113 because their heads about three atoms in 550 something days. Yeah, and this is by far the lowest number Hello […]

Scientists dive off Pearl Harbor for answers on chemical munitions

on the ocean floor off Pearl Harbor dumped there by the military decades ago. The Army wants to know what leaky munitions are doing to the marine life. KITV’s Catherine Cruz shows us… Scientists are setting out to get answers… And using what could be the future of underwater research… 14 21 37 206 – […]