The Mysterious Event That Made Venus A Death Trap

Sometimes we call the planet Venus “Earth’s Twin”, but that’s only because the two planets are roughly equal in size. After that, not much else is similar and because of the extreme temperatures on the so-called planet of love, humans would not stand any chance of survival. In the words of one writer, Venus is […]

Goldilocks Paradox Unplugged: Merging Science into Art (2/4)

Welcome to part two of the Habitable Zone Unplugged, a four part conversation about exoplanet science with Dr. Robert Hurt and Dr. Johanna Teske. I’m Calla Cofield. So these planets in this solar system were, you know, invented for this episode and to illustrate these science points. But could planets like this exist? You know, […]

LIGO’s latest hit: Merging neutron stars

LIGO’s hits just keep on coming. After its first detection of merging black holes, swiftly followed by finding 3 more, and then a Nobel Prize, the pair of gravitational wave detectors has made yet another huge discovery. The observatory detected gravitational waves from 2 neutron stars spiralling together and merging. Just 2 seconds later a […]

Merging the Contents of Multiple Cells into One Cell in Excel

This video will show you how to combine the contents of two cells into a single cell, using Microsoft Excel. I created this example for a video about using dates in SPSS. I needed a small data set of birth years and months. I will show you how I created the fake data and then […]

Melting Gummy Bears in Molten Salt

-Our volcano God is angry there must be a sacrifice -yes a sacrifice -No please I dont want to die (akward girly voice) -Sacrifice……. -No…Noo….No. Ahhhhh……(again a akward girly voice) Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop Today we are going to be trying out another comment request The idea for this video […]

What’s In A Candle Flame?

What is a candle flame really made of? I am at the Palace of Discovery in Paris to do an experiment that beautifully demonstrates the answers. Ok so we’re turning on an electric field here and we see that the flame is spreading out. Thats very cute, it’s like a butterfly. And you can see […]

Crab Shells and Trees Combine to Create New Food Packaging

– Approximately, one-third of the food that comes from farms for example, gets wasted before it gets to a consumer’s table. One of the ways that this problem is going to be solved as the population of the planet grows is using packaging. What our research is trying to do is to create sustainable solutions […]