MEL Science : Metals vs. Electricity – Copper and Iron meet ELECTRICITY

hey guys what’s up super science gamer here and today we’re gonna be doing Another MEL Science Kit this is our box it’s a box, in a box. so it looks like we have a um zinc versus electricity copper coin see so here here you guys take some goggles put on the goggles, PUT […]

Cool Science Experiment – Jacob’s Ladder – Electricity Project

We were just playing around and made a little Jacob’s ladder here with plasmarc. It’s actually doing pretty good. This one’s fifteen thousand volts. Don’t try this at home unless you know what you’re doing. That stuff could really hurt you. Pretty neat transform–it’s just a little neon transformer. And the neon sign…what it produces […]

How to make Steam Powered Electricity Generator

Empty Pepsi Can Craft Knife Or Box Cutter Ballpoint Pen Plaster Of Paris Water The proportion of Plaster of Paris to water is a 2:1 ratio, with two parts Plaster of Paris to every one part water Ice Cream Sticks Hot Glue Gun Copper Wire Lineman’s Plier Or Combination Plier Empty Pepsi Can Empty Pepsi […]

Sodium + Potassium = Strange Liquid Metal!

Hello everyone today We’ll find out what happens when you combine two active alkali metals, for this I took a piece of sodium and potassium and began to rub them against each other within the evaporating dish to provide the alloy from oxidation by being exposed to Air [I’ve] Decided to conduct the melting [of] […]

✔Bend Water With Static Electricity: ?[Not Just Using Balloons But Other Household Items Too]!

Hola a todos. This is Gally Kids And today, we’re going to bend water with static electricity. For this experiment, you will need a balloon, a good set of hair and a tap. Vamos a empezar First, blow up the balloon. Next, rub it on your hair or any wool material! Rub it for about […]