[intro] one thousand degree metal balls Is JustDustin Today, we’re Gonna be Smashing School supplies and Testing out A ton of Really cool Experiments using liquid Nitrogen That’s right I said Liquid Nitrogen This Is what cooler Than being cool Is this stuff is ice cold? Liquid Nitrogen It’ll Burn your face Off It’ll Burn […]

Static Electricity and the Balloon

Hi, I am Jared, and welcome to Fun Science Demonstrations for Young Learners. What is more fun than a balloon, huh? And we have all been there. How many of you have ever scrubbed a balloon on your hair and you felt this kinda weird force, and you are trying to hang it on a […]

Dancing Ghost Science Recipe With Static Electricity

“oooooooh” Oh No! A scary ghost! That must mean it’s super spooky Halloween time and time for a science experiment from the Kitchen Science Cookbook. But I’m going to need a helper! “Me!” Hi Arman, how are you? “Good” Would you like to do a science experiment today? “Yes” Perfect – you will need for […]

New electricity inventions Free energy generator 220V – Easy Diy at School

New electricity inventions Free energy generator 220V – Easy Diy at School

Nitinol, Memory Metal, Formgedächnislegierung, Büroklammer

Hello guys, there I am again, each one of you knows a paperclip and what happens to her when you bend and break them apart? Well, she’s broken. Not so this paper clip, it is made of Nitinol that is a nickel titanium alloy that is also called shape memory alloy. You ask yourself, of […]

Generate Electricity From Vinegar At Home – Cool Science Experiment

Hi , in this video I’m gonna do a really cool science experiment so I gotta make an Ice Tray battery at home and you need a few materials that you can usually find from around the house are you ready? if you are, so let’s do it Here is what you need: White or […]

Casting Metal in Kinetic Sand (Oddly Satisfying?)

[Captions by Mary V. at Y Translator] We’ve got a really fun experiment today brought to us by YouTube user Daniel Burton who wants to know if we can use kinetic sand to cast molten metal. [Music] We’ve done a few different experiments in the past using sand to try and cast metal. And so […]

How Not to Put Out a Metal Fire – with Steve Mould

[Music and laughter] This is amazing, you get this pulsating of the reaction. My name is Steve Mould, I’ve got my own YouTube channel where I make science videos. Some of them are dangerous and if they are then I assess the risks. It’s an important part of my job. But sometimes you find out […]

Free energy electricity with DC motor 12V – DIY science projects 2018

Melting Marbles With Electricity

Hey guys We’re back today with another experiment that I’m personally excited about and been looking forward to for a couple of months I went picked up a couple of bags of marbles from the Dollar store And I’m bringing it back my mini Arc Furnace because I’d like to bring the two together and […]