Partner Spotlight: Immersive Reader is now available in MERGE Explorer

Hi, my name is Steve Patti chief marketing officer with MERGE We’re excited to be here today with Microsoft as we’re transforming active learning in the classroom by going beyond the device screen. Now let’s hear from our good friend and educator Jaime Donnelly as she shows you how hi My name is Jamie Donnelly […]

FUSE Program at SPC

The FUSE program is saving me time and money. I also get to work and live at home, which is nice. I am very happy that I chose the FUSE program because I like knowing where I’m going next, which is the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

What if all Glaciers Melted? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if all Glaciers Melted? Then I would go swimming to the North Pole. Stop it AumSum. It is estimated that glaciers presently occupy. About 10% of the world’s land mass. Now, if all the glaciers were to suddenly melt. Firstly, sea levels around the world would rise by more than 50 […]

Why does a Flame always Point Upward? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time Hey guys. Hold on. Did you download my app from Google Play Store? Remember, it’s called ”It’s AumSum Time”. And follow my Facebook page. Now, let’s guess the title of my next video. Some areas are brown or green or even butterscotch-colored. Then, why does it look red? Hurry up. Write your […]

How To Have A Cool Career- Become A Welder! Train At Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center

come on admit it welding looks pretty cool working with your hands melting metal getting the work in motorsports auto customization shipyards heavy industry this is something you could see yourself doing so do something about it go to Tulsa Welding School and Technology Center and get trained for a welding career in just seven […]

FUSE Program: Prospective Students

Hey everyone I’m Alexis and today I want to tell you about an exciting opportunity incoming SPC students can take advantage of called Fuse. The Fuse program guarantees your admission to University of South Florida system institution with an associate’s degree from St. Petersburg College. Save time and money by starting at SPC and transferring […]

The MERGE Curriculum Brings It All Together at Michigan Ross

The MERGE curriculum is the foundation for your future. As a Michigan Ross BBA, you’ll gain a strong background in business, as well as liberal arts and sciences. You’ll discover the Ross vision of leadership and positive business, understanding your role in business, and how business impacts society. You’ll learn by doing. The best way […]

The Great Gildersleeve: Gildy’s New Flame / Marjorie’s Babysitting Assignment / Congressman

a crap load company present era prairie as the great gilder slated the great gilder slave is brought to you by the crab boats company makers of parquet margarine everyday millions of women all over america serve park area margarine because it tastes so good it in my view students empire home again home again […]

Family in Flames (Ep. 15) | Fantasy High

– “You think I’m so stupid that I’m gonna type on here.” Riz appears in the room. “And get Riz out of here, you’re (beep).” No! – Wow, you’re stupid. – The girls are downloaded. They’re back in their bodies now. – Their own bodies? – Their own bodies. And their memories of him deciding […]

IT WORKED: Merge Cube AR for the Classroom!

Hello I’m Justin Gonzalez and welcome to IT WORKED where I look at educational apps, tech and projects that work in the classroom. Today we’re gonna look at how you can bring a AR into your classroom with Merge Cube! The merge cube is the first holographic object that you could hold in your hand. […]