Metal family Сезон 1 Серия 6(ЦЕНЗУРНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ)

Quest Well. It’s here Unforgettable experiences! [Cursed Castle] Mysterious and macabre atmosphere! [Cursed Castle] Hardest puzzles and great acting! [Cursed Castle] Cursed castle… Or lock It would be more accurate. Because there definitely will be puzzles with locks Hello! Did you book time of the game? Yes. At 2:30 pm Please come to a waiting […]

Welding Technology at Honolulu Community College

My name is James Mattos graduated Pearl City High School 2010 right now I’m learning Welding Technology at HCC. The Welding program at Honolulu, I like how it’s all work-based You do your own work, You gotta rely on yourself and you just work hard. I got interested in welding cause my dad, he does […]

Cast Iron Pan Seared Steak ~ How To Sear A Steak ~ Cast Iron Cooking ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen and today I have a kitchen basic for you I’m gonna share with you. The best way. I know how to pan sear a steak Because is too cold to fire of the barbecue where I live, so let’s go see how this all comes together Today I’m […]

Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

Over the past few months I’ve been working on this video as a follow-up to user comments on a previous video on if it’s possible to cast obsidian. This proved to be a major challenge that took six attempts, broke multiple crucibles and two different kilns. But I didn’t want to stop until I finally […]

Small Classes. Big Jobs.

Just like you, we’re ready to get to work. With more than 15 programs to choose from, we’re giving you the hands-on training needed for high demand jobs. Not sure if you want a four-year degree? No problem. Complete your certificate or associate program in one or two years and earn up to $40 an […]

2018 SkillsUSA Auto Collision Repair Competition at Aims Community College

Today we’re holding our regional SkillsUSA competition which includes various aspects of collision repair including bodywork, metalwork, including paint refinishing and priming. So I did collision, the secondary collision, which is the high school program And I did the metalwork, bodywork, plastic repair estimating and then structural and frame damage and welding as well. We […]

MPS Happenings: Best of the West Welding Contest 2016

The Best in the West is really an intricate type of program. You don’t know what you’re gonna build until a day or so before the competition. Different processes you must weld. You have to do all three processes. The kids did really well. I think that’s when we start letting them think outside the […]

Assignment: Education – High School Welding Program

A new program in the Sparta School District allows students to earn a free college diploma while still attending high school. News 8’s Lisa Klein introduces us to the new opportunity in tonight’s Assignment: Education report. Nats. welding… Lisa. Hot sparks rain down behind the plastic orange curtains in place to protect passersby. Nats… Lisa. […]

Fabrication/Welding Technology

>>STUDENT: A lot of people think going to college just means sitting in a classroom. But here in Fabrication Welding, we spend a lot of time in the shop and so it’s like being in a work environment. Thanks to Lane Community College, I’m pursuing my dreams of a new career.>>ANNC: If you’re looking for […]

MPS Welding Certification Program on KPNX

When you hear about Red Mountain High School, Mountain View, Mesa, Westwood, Skyline or Dobson, if you’re like me, you’re thinking tough football rivals. But for the past two weeks all 6 of the Mesa high schools have teamed up for a competition but not against each other. It’s been a true test of their […]