Welcome to another miss trendy treats my name is missy and today, I am going to show you how to make these awesome supernatural candy mail dipped apples Were naturals one of our favorite shows I want to do some sort of supernatural inspired treat to celebrate the new season for ingredients and tools you […]

The factory that combines school and work to give El Salvador a brighter future

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: But first: combining school and work to build a brighter future for employees and their communities. In his final report from El Salvador, Fred de Sam Lazaro visits a garment factory that hires workers who are normally left out of society, including ex-gang members. It’s part of Fred’s series Agents for Change. FRED […]

How to merge and split pdf files using pdfsam

hello every one our today’s video is about how to split or Merge PDF files using PDFsame basic This is a very powerful and open source software you can download this from their official website using this software you can split, merge, and extract pages from PDF (documents) even you can split by size and […]

Minuteman: Using the SA-18 Igla – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: Let’s get right into this. The SA-18 is a surface-to-air missile available to the Engineer class. In order to hit your target, it requires you to aim-down-sight at your target for the entire time that it’s in flight. Today’s minuteman tip is this: if you’re targeting an enemy aircraft, and they […]

FREE ELECTRICITY and Slick Slime Sam

Sue? Sue! Ugh…Where is she now? Ugh… (singing) Raindrops on roses And whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few… What are we doing here? Erm… My hair? Again?? You use these things every day! And then guess what? What? We get […]


Hi guys! Today I’ve found a whole box of wax crayons at home! I think it’s time to use them for some awesome useful ideas! For example, to make a pendant with your own hands! If you like jewelry made by yourself, give a thumbs up! Let’s go! First, we need to grate a crayon […]